Sunday, March 26, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Kristine Emerson

The pieces I did is of an owl. The eyes are one of the most dominant features in the picture,  So I call this “Eyes”.  I made this by using the medium of pen and ink. I was skeptical about using pen and ink at first and to be honest I still am unsure of it. The inspiration for this piece is a personal issue for me. A person close to me loved owls and they have passed away, so I thought I would draw an owl. In the future maybe this piece could help me. This is because I may enter it in the Endless Mountains art contest and the Artsfest contest. This would help me for college reason which is my goal. For example, last year I won first place in the Artsfest for linoleum block printmaking and by putting that on applications it can help with college. To be honest, I wasn’t too fond of this piece at first and I’m still not to fond of it either as well, but the people around me say otherwise.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ceramics Spotlight -- Alexis Shea

Artist Statement
               Recently I engulfed myself into a project that would open my eyes to problems within today's society. I  envisioned, sketched and designed a coil pot that would reflect today's education system with standardized testing. My coil pot is made out of line coils with a tree blended into the coils. Near the tree is a fish with air bubbles marked A, B, C, and D. A pencil is placed on top to the pot as if someone simply set it down. My pot encourages people to question standardized testing and here's why...
                     I'm going to start by telling you how I created this project, hoping it would influence many people. The first and most important step was the sketch. Coming up with the plan. What social issue I wanted to bring to the table and how exactly I was going to symbolize it. While making my sketch I had to envision the project as it was in front of me which was by far the most difficult part of the entire process. After the sketch was complete, I started by making line coils with the extruder. I used the slab roller to make a circular slab for the base of my pot. With the base ready I cut the coils and formed them into circles using the slip and score technique. After all the circular coils are made I begin to attach them to the base, again with the slip and score technique. After the entire pot is made I then wedged some clay and made a slab to make the tree. I cut out a piece of the coils in order to blend the tree into the coils. Once the tree was in and the pattern was sketched into it I began the process of making the fish and pencil.  The fish was made out of a slab. Detail and design was added to the fish and then simply attached to the outside of the coils with the slip and score technique. The pencil was made out of a single coil and placed on top of the coils again with slip and score. After the tree, pencil, and fish were added I began the smaller detail on the pot which include; the words, a hole in the tree, and the hole that make up the air bubbles from the fish. At this point my pot is ready to be fired in the the kiln. When my pot comes out of the kiln it is at a bisque stage. This is where I sand the pot and make sure everything is how I like and then its glazed and ready to be fired again. Now my pot is complete and ready to send a message.
                  My social issue is standardized testing. I sketched into the pot; “Children have different needs, different thoughts and dreams.” “How can we judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree?” and “Schools care more about the grades we receive rather than education.”. My worries are that every student is different yet were all tested on the same thing. One kid is a math wiz and another is amazing at wood work, yet when they take a math test, one kid believes and are told they are not as smart or smart enough. Our students need to be taken special care of because we are all unique. My symbol is the fish and the tree. I want the audience to think that you cannot judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree and then translate that to you cannot judge a wood worker on their ability to solve algorithms. My hope is that the principals of my school will take my side and begin to attempt to make a change within our schools. I know they may feel as if they do not have a voice but with their help we can spread the word and our knowledge. Our students can be assessed without making them feel worthless.
                    During this project I developed the Artist Habit of the Mind of “Express” and “Engage and Persist.” With this project I was able to express my feelings and concerns about my own and my peers education and even health. Because of my pot I will engage in this issue and persist by making it known that our education system needs work. Thank you.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Jennifer Rooker

My artwork is a painting of a sunset on a beach. The medium that I used is acrylic paint. The main thing that pops out of the painting more than everything is color, the clouds are light pink mixed in with a little white, dark blue and light blue, and a little black and purple! Shapes -- you have to look very closely to know that there’s rocks around the water. My lines are mostly scribbly at the top.  For my clouds, I have crooked lining for my rocks.
    I created my art by using techniques, color, and tools. For techniques I used scumbling, alla prima, glazing, blending, and impasto. And for tools I used my 3 paintbrushes.  I used water whenever I did the clouds, so it looks more real and pops out, and I used a sponge to create the rocks and give them a bumpy texture.
    I’ve never been inspired by art.  I have tried but I can’t stay focused on one thing, but when in art class it’s not bad to sit down and just paint. My work just shows me a wonderful painting, painted by me, that has an amazing view of the sunset and the beach. I was trying to show love, and happiness in my painting.
    My goals for my art work was to express the emotions I wanted to show. Have fun with paint, and you’ll be shocked with the results you get back. My painting after it was done, I actually thought looked pretty good. I thought it wasn’t gonna turn out very good, but when you look at it,  it does look like a sunset on the beach.

     I learned to give something a chance and you’ll be surprised at what you get or accomplish, and to never give up. My work isn’t exactly what I pictured or wanted, but it’s not as bad as I originally expected. So now on my next artwork I will now know a few techniques to help me out in painting, and Iknow to take my time, and have some fun with it.

Peace Full Day (acrylic)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Donna Cardona

Vintage Vibes
For this project, I decided to draw a photo of my Aunt Lisa. I was scouring through some old photos and I found this picture of her and I instantly became intrigued with the photo. I liked how she was the main focus. The background was black, which made her stand out even more. Also, her smile looked so genuine. I chose to name this drawing, “Vintage Vibes”. Vintage meaning- the past. When I look at the original picture, I can tell that it is from another time. The style is different and it brought joy to me when I began to recreate the photo.
Working with pen and ink was quite different for me. I wasn’t necessarily scared to try something new, I just wasn’t sure if I was going to get the hang of it. My first few strokes were a bit rough, but towards the end I began to improve and use better techniques. Over time, I learned to embrace the flaws of my drawing. It just gives it some character. Although I  was slightly irritated when ink dripped on my project, I either covered it with white-out, or I just made it appear to be intentional.
Usually my pieces of art connect to sadness in one way or another, but I decided to switch things up a bit and relate this drawing to the idea of carefreeness. The idea behind this was brought about due to my aunt’s authentic smile. This photo makes it look as if she doesn’t have a care in the world. She seems relaxed and filled with pure happiness.
At the end of this project, I decided that it doesn’t matter how many mistakes I made. Or how many times I wanted to give up and call it “good”. I finished this project and it helped me become a better artist. I gained experience with pen and ink and I learned that every blemish just made the drawing my own. This helped me reach my goal because I’ve always longed to go a bit out of my comfort zone and just go ahead to make something original.
Overall, the finished product is relatively similar to how I imagined it. It wasn’t even close to perfect, but it was my first time working with pen and ink, so I didn’t expect to create a masterpiece. Hopefully this project will prevent me making the similar mistakes and will prepare me for future pieces.
Original Photo:

Monday, March 6, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Raegen Millard

The title is “The Colors of Dance”.  This girl is caught in the middle of a move. The first principle of dance is movement so I wanted to show that with not just the lines but something else. This artwork is made up of crosshatching, scribble and some contour pen and ink techniques. I crosshatched most of the dancer but contoured some of the body.
Colors of the Dance (pen and ink with watercolor)
I used watercolor to show the feeling one would get while dancing. My inspiration comes from my personal experiences on a stage dancing in front of many people. It expresses the emotion and feeling given off while dancing. My goals are to become better in all mediums of art and all different styles. Mostly I would like to get better at coming up with ideas myself -- to be sure I wouldn't plagiarize any other work. 

         I learned the techniques and patience, lots of patience of any art work you need to have patience and look forward to putting this piece together. This piece definitely turned out different than what I thought it would be.When starting this I didn't think I would having water color on it but in the end I, in my mind,  think it pulled it all together. This will influence my watercolor now it seems that I understand how it shows feeling in the colors and in the ways of how you put it on paper.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday Morning Art -- Week 1

 Our spring classes of Saturday Morning Art have begun!  Big thanks to the AAHS Artsfest Club students who assisted. Pre-K to 2nd grade made turtle pinch pots and threw on the wheel. Grades 3-6 made dinosaur sculptures and drawings.  Today was a great day for making art!