Sunday, June 4, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Haley Frisbie

For my pen and ink drawing, I did a pumpkin that was not real and it also had the letter ‘F’, symbolizing the first letter of my last name. I drew out the design and then erased the lines so it wouldn’t look like I used a graph. I then outlined everything that was needed, and once I did that, started to fill in with ink. It took about a week, or a day less than a week. I feel it’s a little more abstract rather than a picture that’s straightforward. Although you can tell what it is. This is one of the best pieces I did, even though it might not look as great, it still looks awesome. I decided to call it “The Letter of a special one”.

         Next I did a colored pencil orange rose. I got the idea from a memory I recalled a little earlier in the year when I gave one of my friends this particular rose. I wanted to keep it as much realistic as I could so that’s where the orange comes into play. It was a special moment, and I wanted a picture to remember and sort of “relive” it. It’s also like a mystery, because there are no hints given in the picture as to what this piece represents. All anyone knows is that I wanted to color a flower, specifically a rose. I called this piece “The Loving Rose”. The emotions for this piece I think was happy, and sad. Sad because that was one of the special moments in life and you only live once, and to keep that for infinity was the main goal of this piece.
        Next I did a watercolor of a moon. I feel with this picture, it may have not have gone the way I wanted it to, but when all else fails, you just add your own touch to it. No one says you have to try and make the colors the exact same, and the lines have to line up. The moon doesn’t fall under being perfect, so this picture wasn’t really meant to have the perfect idea. I didn’t really have any emotions for this piece. I just felt the need to make a really cool watercolor and thought it would make a really cool one.
         While wondering what I was gonna do next, I ended up doing a poster type of painting for “The Flash”. It’s a t.v. series, and it’s pretty good. I actually got into it because of a friend of mine. I was going to maybe give it to my friend, but I am not sure if I will or not. If they want it though then maybe I will. It’s again kind of a memory that I enjoy having to think about. Sometimes expressing your emotions in an art piece is better than going to see a therapist.
      Lastly I made a canvas with my nickname and some decorations. I often get called “Hal” in softball by my coach and teammates. I am used to them calling me that so I decided to make it into a canvas and soon hang it up on my wall. It’s sort of like a great memory again because it’s something I can look at and remember playing when I was for . I feel the happiness in this piece because having a nickname by someone those years and not saying, “just call me this for short” is an exciting thing for me, and I just really enjoy it, with playing my sport.

       The studio habits of mind really help artists in ways they think because in ways it helps express artwork, or helps with ideas or whatever it may be. I feel Observe would be most prevalent to me for two reasons. One, not copying, but basing some techniques, or skills off of someone else's’ artwork. It really helps with the ideas of others. Two, sometimes you start to work on a project, and you just don’t know what to change or improve on your piece, or maybe someone else is having that problem, and you're either their pair of new eyes, or they are to you, and could help you out.