Friday, May 26, 2017

Senior Spotlight -- Lauren Galasso

Someone once said " family is like music, some high notes,  some low notes, but always a beautiful song".  Hi, my name is Lauren Galasso and I'm a senior at Athens Area High School.  I'm just your typical American art nerd with your classically insane family.  In my house there is rarely a moment where no one is screaming or bickering with each other, but when these peaceful moments occur you can tell that we love each other unconditionally.  These are the scenes I wanted to capture with my portfolio.  I wanted to explore the idea of innocence and experiment with portraits.  This portfolio is important to me because of how close my family is. I want people to get a feeling of how close we all are to one another.  What I hope people take away from my portfolio is that no matter how bad things get, no matter what happens you will always have your family.  
After my portfolio was completed I started a drawing of my grandpa as a present for my grandma. Now that her drawing is completed I have been experimenting with techniques and abstract drawings and paintings.  Going outside of my comfort zone and trying something less intricate will help me relax after the strenuous weeks I worked on my Scholastic portfolio.
Our very first project of the year was to draw from observation, and this project was definitely the most challenging yet most rewarding one we’ve done all year.  Drawing from observation gives you a better appreciation for art.  As soon as I heard the words “ drawing from observation” come from Dr. Wales’ mouth I automatically went into a melt down. In my mind I was thinking “ I can’t do that!’, “ Is he crazy?!”, “ I hate this!”. After working on it I realized it wasn’t so bad and made me stronger as an artist.

Our focus of study in the third marking period was art history, and how learning from the past can be beneficial. This quarter I began working on a 90’s themed mural with Breana and Alexis. We researched many artists such as Diego Rivera, Rosenquist, and Andy Warhol, to find inspiration for our mural.   The artist that inspired us the most was Rosenquist.  He started out as  a billboard painter in the 50’s-60’s and later made billboard sized paintings.  He was known for his pop-culture style, and we wanted to bring this element to our mural but use the 90’s as our time period. While brainstorming for our mural we made a list of things that stood out to us as staples from the 90’s, and create a rough sketch of what the wall would look like. By studying these master artists I was able to better prepare myself for the huge task of painting our mural.

All of my projects over the course of the year have involved goal setting.  By creating S.M.A.R.T. goals I was more organized and was able to make deadlines.  The idea of goal setting especially helped me during the race to scholastics because I knew if I didn’t meet the set deadline all of my time and hard work would have been wasted.  It also helps me with the portraits people pay me to draw for them, I set a realistic goal for myself and tell the person I’m drawing for when I will be done.  This helps me be accountable and follow through with my plans.
Another huge thing that helped me this year was feedback.  The person that helped me the most with giving me the most honest feedback was my mom, because she holds nothing back.  If my work looks like crap she’ll tell me, if it looks amazing she’ll freak out and show everyone.  One instance of her giving me feedback this year was when I was working on a portrait of my little brother Owen. Something was off, but I couldn’t figure out what.  I brought it home and was working on it in the living room.  My mom walked in, looked at the drawing, and gave me a funny look.  I asked her what the face was for and she replied with “ Lauren, why did you draw your brother with a lazy eye?”.  That was it!  I fixed the eye and the drawing looked perfect!

I definitely plan on continuing art making in the future.  At college I would love to be able to take art classes to make my skills even stronger.  Even when I graduate college I’m going to make for art.  Whenever I’m stressed I’ll just crack open a sketch book and go to town.  I could become more involved in the artistic community and participate in art shows and competitions.  I also plan on making art for my own house.  
I would describe my artistic style is messy yet realistic.  Over the year I have focused mainly on portraits and have become fairly good at them.  I have begun to make my drawings more and more realistic every project we have worked on.  I have very sloppy techniques that flow together once the piece is finished.  Sometimes I have no idea what I’m doing, I just wing it! And by just winging it that’s how I‘ve created some of my best works.

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