Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Senior Spotlight -- Breanna Forrest

Ibn Battuta once said “Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Hello, I’m Breanna Forrest a senior at Athens Area High School. I’m just a 17 with a camera trying to tell my story. I love to travel to different places with my family and I like to capture those moments. My aunt and I like to go on random trips and we always try to capture that moment in time. I’m trying to tell my story by showing people what I see in my point of view. To some it might be a random railroad crossing sign, but to me it is part of my story. All of these pieces of artwork connect together. When I put all of them together I remember these moments with my family. The picture does not always have to take place where I traveled. Sometimes an object could bring back memories of my travels. The pineapple reminds me of the trips to the beach and the warm summer breeze. I want to show others what I see and how a random sign could mean something to you too.  I guess in someway you could call me a storyteller. My recent artwork has been a series of different things. I have recently started a mural with two of my friends/classmates Alexis and Lauren. We are graduating this year and wanted to leave our mark in the school. So what is better to do than a mural. The class of 2017 is the last class of the 90’s kids, so we came to an agreement and decided to do a 90’s mural. We have an array of different thingsfrom the 90’s. Now, I do not have any experience with painting murals, so I did my research I found a few mural artists. The three artists I studied was XAV, Rivera, and Rosenquist. All three are muralist but have different styles. XAV is a younger muralist that is very modern.  He is a tattoo artist, but he also does murals. He is influenced by Spanish graffiti and culture from today and he brings that style into his work. He also has no art education he is all self taught. I learned from him how to be more realistic. He does mostly realistic murals and tattoos. Rivera was influenced by Mexican art. He use vivid colors and basic shapes. I use that in my Bill Clinton pin I did. The basic shape was a circle then use bright pink and blue for the details. The last artist was Rosenquist. He has a pop-art style.  He use bright colors and he also did collages/mashups. That is basically what the mural is a mashup/collage of 90’s things. So that is what work I have done in the third quarter and there is much more to come.
           Well,  this is the end my last artist statement of my high school career. I have definitely grown as an artist since the beginning of the school year. I’ve faced many challenges as the year has gone by.  I’ve learned that my artistic style is almost realistic, but not the exact same as the picture. I try to follow the picture exactly, but end up going away from the picture. I use my own photographs as references. I tend to lean more towards outside nature or animals. I want to improve on my people drawing skills, but I have yet to achieve that. I use photographs I have taken myself either from my camera or my phone. My style has evolved that I’m not afraid to use more colors now. I use to only use pencil and all of my pictures would be in black and white. Now I have not done a pencil drawing since last September 2015.  I plan that after I graduate I will still put in time to do art. Even if it is just doodling in a sketchbook. I plan on setting aside time to do art. Over the summer I will try to finish one if not two projects by time August rolls around and I have to go to Bloomsburg. I might join a Facebook group that is a place where you can share your artwork and talk to other fellow artist that are not going into the art industry.
I use feedback most of the time when I am not so certain if the path I’m going down with my art is the best thing to do. I do ask others to give their feedback and do take their feedback into consideration I do not always listen to what their opinions are though. In the end it is still my art and I have full authority over it. One feedback I received was about my Chloe painting. Now this painting was not favorite because it was abstract. One of my fellow classmates said to add more texture to the one ear. I did agree that it could use more texture, but I decided that I did not want to add anything else because I never wanted to touch that painting again.  
I have made many goal settings. One of my goals was to finish eight pieces of artwork for the Scholastics competition. So I had ten weeks to finish eight pieces. It took me three months to finish a pen and ink drawing last year. Artists use goals to finish their projects in a set deadline so they do not take over a year to do one painting.
In the beginning of the year we did observational drawing. Now that was difficult! I am use to doing artwork from pictures. I drew an apple with flowers. It was difficult to remember how I had the props set up. The shadow would also change from day to day. So it was harder to do that when I have been so use to using photos. The advantages are you push your artistic limits and you improve your skills. So I guess that's it --my final artist statement.  These past four years have flown by. I am happy to say I’m that I took art classes. I would encourage others to take at least one art class in their high career.


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