Sunday, May 14, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Alexis Mingos

The great Andy Warhol once said “Art is Anything You Can Get Away With”. Hearing this quote has been a huge catalyst for my artistic inspiration. I like this quote because I feel like I don't do things the "right way" -- the way that you are supposed to do them.  I make things in my own way and they turn out okay anyway.
The ideas behind the book Steal Like an Artist have really helped me strengthen my ability to create more unique art than I previously had. In that book Austin Kleon explains that you can make original things by taking details from many different existing things.

I strive to design unique and cute characters that someone could potentially use in a comic or cartoon or even just a t shirt design. Recently I was actually commissioned to design two superhero characters that would be used on a t shirt for a dance studio in Absecon, New Jersey. It was very surreal to see the design come to life onto a real tangible shirt that would be worn by people.

    I work in a program called Paint Tool SAI on a Intuos Pro Medium Sized Tablet. I got into digital art because the idea of having every color available to me while drawing was very appealing. Being able to experiment with color is maybe one of my favorite things about art. I like to practice with shading because of the amount of effect it can have on the mood of a piece. This is why often i will shade with colors like blue or red, rather than what the colors would be in normal lighting.

    I feel like cartooning allows so much room for creativity and expression over something like realism, which is largely part of why I draw in the style I do. A quick doodle of a character with a wild expression and a fun pose is very attractive to me.  I hope to someday start my own webcomic. I have a few ideas that I would really like to put into that form.

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