Thursday, April 6, 2017

Senior Spotlight: Kaidon Winters

Facing the Forge
My artwork is a painting of me by my forge. My whole painting has a dark orange glow and that is one of my favorite parts. I think that best shows the atmosphere and mood of working at my forge.
Facing the Forge (acrylic)
Badge of Distinction Award for Painting 2017,
Endless Mountains Youth Art Awards
My artwork is an acrylic painting. I used a lot of different techniques in this painting. These techniques include glazing, sponge, blending, brush stroke, and scumbling. The tools I used were multiple different bushes, a sponge, paint, and water.
I inspired my artwork. My artwork does not express a personal or social issue but it does express emotion. The emotion it expresses for me is fun and creativity because it reminds me of all the fun I’ve had by myself and with friends making things in the forge.
My goals for this artwork were to improve on my techniques as an artist. This painting helped me improve my blending technique because the colors changed very gradually in it. My sponge technique also got better in this painting. It allowed me to get the texture of coal on the ground correct.  I did reach my goals for this painting and had fun doing it.
In this painting I learned that there are multiple different techniques in acrylic painting and by using them you can create awesome artwork. The final piece was better than I expected. I thought I wasn't going to get the texture and blending right but with the techniques I learned I got them right. I think this piece will make my future artwork better. It help me understand better how paint works.

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