Monday, April 10, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Tivon Liguori

Recently I have painted an underwater scene that I found captivating. It depicts a school of French grunt and flame angelfish, against the rough textures of the typical Atlantic Ocean reef.

I used acrylics for my work and it is very heavily laden in the art technique impasto. I used sponge technique to obtain the rough rocky texture along with other methods like blending and glazing in order to enrich the paintings color.

My art was inspired by my somewhat recent trip to the Florida Keys last summer where I served in a marine biology experience with a Professor and Doctor of Marine Science and SCUBA dove several of Florida's reefs.

I wanted to create a piece of art tat reflected the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean areas in which I dove. Unfortunately, my skills are insufficient to paint such fine detail and emotion. I feel this one painting, no matter how well it would have been painted, couldn't begin to capture the raw beauty of our world's oceans.

I found acrylics to be difficult to apply on canvas, blend, and pay attention to fine detail. I also found it difficult to think in layers and plan my project, as I am usually an artist that makes changes and inserts ideas into my artwork as I progress.

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