Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Artist of the Week: Samantha Markle

  1. The title of my work is Snack Time. My artwork looks like a monkey in a tropical forest snacking on a stick of celery on a tree branch.  This painting includes the techniques of Scumbling, Broken Color, Impasto, Alla Prima, and Blending. Scumbling and Broken Color are shown on the fur of the monkey. The flowers are also an example of broken color. Alla Prima and Impasto are shown in the background.  In this painting I used Acrylic Paint. I only used a paint brush but used many different sizes. For example, on the fur of the monkey,  I used a thin/ medium brush. And on the background, I used a large brush.  I had originally wanted to paint a flower. But the base coat of the background looked like a jungle to me. I thought to myself… ‘What lives in a jungle and will be a challenge?’ Then I thought MONKEY!!
  2. I tried to show emotion by brush strokes.  My goal is to win at least a silver key in scholastics in senior year. This piece will be entered into the Endless Mountain contest. I don’t care about winning that much this year because it leaves room for improvement in the future years of art classes. I want to have the experience of being an artist.  I learned that I am capable of making great art with confidence and determination. I imagined the final piece just as it turned out. This shows us that I have a future of great art in this class.
Tribute to Van Gogh (acrylic)

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