Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Breanna Kisner

A Lone Calf (pen and ink)

             The first piece of art I made consists of a calf sitting in her bed of hay. The sunlight is coming in from the right top corner. The title of my work is A Lone Calf. She was kept alone in her pen.  Value is shown in my work. I tried to make sure the shades of black, grey, and white were the right value. Texture is also shown in the hay. It was tough to figure out how to use ink to show the hay. I created my art work by using pen and ink. I have never used pen and ink before so it was tough, but I don’t mind it now. I involved the techniques of cross hatching within the calf to make her dark spots blacker compared to the other areas on her. Also on the fence I used parallel lines.
This piece of art was inspired by the new life each day at a barn. I saw this calf on a bigger farm in Elizabeth Town. She had to be kept alone from her mother and the light was cradling her like a mother would cradle a baby. The light is used to put a spotlight on the calf since she is the main object in the artwork.
             As an artist I have many goals. My one main goal is to gain knowledge and try new techniques in my artwork. This piece of art did help me get to my goal. I have never tried pen and art before so, this broadened my knowledge. From this piece I have learned if you make mistakes you can turn it into what is suppose to be there. People don’t see your reference photograph, they just see your art. What I am taking from this piece is to be more confident in my work. When I first started this piece I did not think it would turn out as good as it did.

A Reason to Smile (colored pencil and ink)
A Reason to Smile
I decided to draw a flower, but not just any flower. The flower I drew was made to bring out the good part to any bad day you have. At the end of some days you feel like you had such a bad day, but there is always something good. This work of mine represents that to me by having the flower be the focus point in a dark area. When I first saw this flower I thought it was interesting, but when I got coloring the daisy I saw how bright and happy this daisy actually looked. It took a lot over overlaying and blending each color to get it just how I wanted. When I finished my flower I felt proud of myself because I didn’t think I could get those results. The colors and warmth of this flower inspired me to create it. I can take a step back to look at the flower and it gives me a reason to smile. Even if it didn’t make me smile the whole time I was working to finish: I did learn great things take time and patience is the key to success.

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