Monday, March 6, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Raegen Millard

The title is “The Colors of Dance”.  This girl is caught in the middle of a move. The first principle of dance is movement so I wanted to show that with not just the lines but something else. This artwork is made up of crosshatching, scribble and some contour pen and ink techniques. I crosshatched most of the dancer but contoured some of the body.
Colors of the Dance (pen and ink with watercolor)
I used watercolor to show the feeling one would get while dancing. My inspiration comes from my personal experiences on a stage dancing in front of many people. It expresses the emotion and feeling given off while dancing. My goals are to become better in all mediums of art and all different styles. Mostly I would like to get better at coming up with ideas myself -- to be sure I wouldn't plagiarize any other work. 

         I learned the techniques and patience, lots of patience of any art work you need to have patience and look forward to putting this piece together. This piece definitely turned out different than what I thought it would be.When starting this I didn't think I would having water color on it but in the end I, in my mind,  think it pulled it all together. This will influence my watercolor now it seems that I understand how it shows feeling in the colors and in the ways of how you put it on paper.

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