Sunday, March 19, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Jennifer Rooker

My artwork is a painting of a sunset on a beach. The medium that I used is acrylic paint. The main thing that pops out of the painting more than everything is color, the clouds are light pink mixed in with a little white, dark blue and light blue, and a little black and purple! Shapes -- you have to look very closely to know that there’s rocks around the water. My lines are mostly scribbly at the top.  For my clouds, I have crooked lining for my rocks.
    I created my art by using techniques, color, and tools. For techniques I used scumbling, alla prima, glazing, blending, and impasto. And for tools I used my 3 paintbrushes.  I used water whenever I did the clouds, so it looks more real and pops out, and I used a sponge to create the rocks and give them a bumpy texture.
    I’ve never been inspired by art.  I have tried but I can’t stay focused on one thing, but when in art class it’s not bad to sit down and just paint. My work just shows me a wonderful painting, painted by me, that has an amazing view of the sunset and the beach. I was trying to show love, and happiness in my painting.
    My goals for my art work was to express the emotions I wanted to show. Have fun with paint, and you’ll be shocked with the results you get back. My painting after it was done, I actually thought looked pretty good. I thought it wasn’t gonna turn out very good, but when you look at it,  it does look like a sunset on the beach.

     I learned to give something a chance and you’ll be surprised at what you get or accomplish, and to never give up. My work isn’t exactly what I pictured or wanted, but it’s not as bad as I originally expected. So now on my next artwork I will now know a few techniques to help me out in painting, and Iknow to take my time, and have some fun with it.

Peace Full Day (acrylic)

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