Monday, February 13, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Zachary Pruyne

My style of work, unfortunate to me, is very cartoony. I guess it's not uncommon for an artist to be dissatisfied with their own work. I'm not disappointed in what I've made, it's just not the style I've always envisioned. Now, if I had enough skill and time and patience and an endless supply of mechanical pencils, I might get what I want out of myself. But since I'm short on all those, I guess I'm stuck with it.

I fancy myself as the writer type.  I could describe everything there is to my story, but to me, thoughts are best expressed visually.

The story of my comic revolves around a future tech in an old world, like King Arthur meets Steampunk meets Frankenstein's monster. In this comic, I focus on my character Holland who time travels with Saul, a king who shares his power with him.  They are accompanied by the controller on the side of Evil, Matilda and the treasurer they hired as one of their four interns and Isaiah. He is kind of like a pet, but has human qualities.  He's used primarily as a deus ex machine if I need to. 

The theme and meaning behind Evil in Time is to showcase many of the crappy things humanity has done to each other in the past and present, in our time zone, as well as what we have learned from our mistakes.   My goal isn't to make a masterpiece that can be admired by abstract thought. I wanted to tell a story straight forward and hopefully teach some peace. The comic to me is more of something to be read and understood rather than a picture to be hung up on the fridge. I apply my own morals to what may be right in hopes people become a less angry entity. 

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  1. This is Fabulous~! This way of thinking in the youth gives me hope for the future!