Monday, January 16, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Nicole Dean

Artist Statement
    Anyone can be an artist; yes, you might not be as good as someone else, but anyone that has writing utensils in front of them can be an artist. I’ve always wanted to learn to draw people more realistically, so I decided to face that challenge instead of pushing it away. I’ve been avoiding this challenge pretty much my whole life. Recently I’ve been watching tons of youtube videos of people drawing people and showing us beginners easy steps on how to draw them and have them look more realistic. I’ve also been sketching and practicing how to draw people better and more realistically.
    Tons of artists use cell phones, cameras, or any electronic device to get their inspiration out in the open. Artists take pictures of absolutely everything because they don’t want to forget the beauty they have seen in that moment or in the past. Artists also use artistic journals to get their paintings out there. In the journals, you can write or draw anything you want; it can help artists remember something important or they can just be writing it just for fun and make the book look extremely pretty.

    I also put photography under the title of artwork. In my opinion, photography is very beautiful and great to look at. Anyone can be a photographer, but not a lot of people know the important tips in photography. There are seven tips into being a better photographer; they are: depth, perspective, don’t center the object, fill the frame with what you like, having the right lighting, connect the dots, and simplify and exaggerate.  
    In my paintings, you can tell I love flowers because I always have flowers in it somewhere; I’ll always fit in flowers. The paintings I make always mean a lot to me. I’ve always thought I was a bad painter/drawer, so I’ve practiced and practiced. I look at my paintings/drawings and I notice how much I’ve progressed and achieved just by trying a little bit out of my day. I usually only take about an hour or so to practice and it doesn’t seem like a lot, but it really adds up and pays off at the end.

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