Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Jessi Bellows

I created a comic called Emotion Devotion. I started it by making a rough draft of the pages and then redrawing them on big pieces of paper. I refined the sketches and then inked them. They they were scanned into a computer and I colored them in Photoshop.  The main idea of the comic is that A.I.S., an old robot soldier is brought back to life after being found in a junkyard by Selena, the owner of the junkyard. While A.I.S. was basically dead, a "virus" was released that gave robots emotions. This story is about A.I.S. learning about emotions and what all went down while he was dead, plus how he wound up in the junkyard in the first place. My goal was to learn more about perspective and backgrounds while working on the comic. As I continued creating pages, I got better and better. I still have a lot to learn though, and will continue to learn as I work on this comic.

Emotion Devotion (cover)

Emotion Devotion (excerpt)
My mom and I made a plushie of one of the main characters in my comic I worked on the big one but not the little one. We accidentally made the 1st one too big though. They're not perfect but they're still pretty cool.

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