Friday, December 22, 2017

The Oath of Dr. Wales

Today we reenacted the famous painting the Oath of the Horatii by Jacques-Louis David. 

The original painting depicts a scene from a Roman legend about a dispute between two warring cities, Rome and Alba Longa. Instead of the two cities sending their armies to war, they agree to choose three men from each city; the victor in that fight will be the victorious city. From Rome, three brothers from a Roman family, the Horatii, agree to end the war by fighting three brothers from a family of Alba Longa, the Curiatii. The three brothers, all of whom appear willing to sacrifice their lives for the good of Rome, are shown saluting their father who holds their swords out for them. Of the three Horatii brothers, only one shall survive the confrontation. However, it is the surviving brother who is able to kill the other three fighters from Alba Longa: he allows the three fighters to chase him, causing them to separate from each other, and then, in turn, kills each Curiatii brother. Aside from the three brothers depicted, David also represents, in the bottom right corner, a woman crying whilst sitting down. She is Camilla, a sister of the Horatii brothers, who is also betrothed to one of the Curiatii fighters, and thus she weeps in the realisation that, in any case, she will lose someone she loves.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Lauren Nevill

Pencil drawing finished product

For my pencil drawing I drew my crazy dog Luna. Luna is my one year old Westie puppy. I named this drawing “Tunes” because every time I get home from being away, Luna goes wild with excitement especially when I call her her nickname Looney Tunes. Then I’ll start talking in a shrill voice simply calling her “Tunes”. She’ll go into a frenzy of wagged tails and happy eyes. She’ll tuck her ears back so they’re flush against her head and stand on her hind legs and reach up for me to pet her. In this drawing she is doing just that. When creating this artwork I used different kinds of pencils for different shading. It was challenging  because she’s a very white dog and this was a black and white drawing. Capturing her fur and shading posed a challenge and took time to get right. I spent a lot of time with the blending stump trying to make the shading as realistic as possible. I wanted to capture the sweet, loving puppy Luna is. When I get to take this drawing home, my mom will love to have it in her house alongside a realistic portrait of my other, older dog Lucy. When executing this artwork I had a goal of making it look as much like Luna as possible. I want friends and family who know Luna personally to be able to tell in a heartbeat that this drawing is without a doubt our little Luna. Overall, I’m proud of the finished product. There are definitely areas of improvement but it’s the best drawing I’ve created so far. Getting the shadows and highlight looking right took the most time and had the most trial and error. From drawing this I learned that it takes time to create quality artwork and to be patient. I’ve learned new techniques for shading and blending that I’ll apply to future artworks.

          The painting I painted in my journal is able to portray emotion through the colors I used and lines. I used a mixture of blues, greens and white to show a picture of serenity. The entire page is painted to look like an abstract scene of water. The blue tones show calmness and peace mixed with green to show health. On top of the water-like backdrop I painted an array of swirled curvilinear lines in white. White is a color that can portray purity. The lines also look like a breeze which can help connect you to nature. The entire scene is like you’re at a quiet lake with a nice calm breeze. Overall this art piece shows an exaggerated scene of  serenity.


The  watercolor painting called “Geometric Neighborhood”  is a formalist artwork. Formalist art focuses on the design. It shows the element of shape with the geometric shaped structures that are the focus of the art. Another was color. Using a combination of masking and color bands it shows how the colors change when washes were put over others. It changes the value of the color. Then with the background I used wet on wet and color drops to show how colors of the same family interact. It emulates a colorful sunrise or sunset. It changed the colors and made every inch unique. The emphasis of the work are the structures. They stand out and have a sort of unity to them because they are all created the same but aren’t identical. There is also a pretty stark contrast between the structures and the background. The background is more fluid and blends together while the shapes have sharp lines and contrasting colors. Overall, when creating this watercolor painting I used wet on wet, color drops, color bands, masking, and wash.  

My S.M.A.R.T goal was to make at least two more entries into my artist’s journal so I could play around with different mediums and techniques by December 22. This goal is specific in saying that I will continue to use new techniques in my journal. It is measurable because I gave myself a date on when I would like to be done and I wanted at least two new entries. It is attainable because I have already been working on the journal before and I know I can make more. It is relevant because it is something I find fun and I like spending my time doing it.  Lastly is is time-based because I told myself I wanted it finished by December 22. I think I was successful in attaining my S.M.A.R.T goal because i was able to add more entries. I worked diligently and creatively to accomplish this goal.




Friday, December 8, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Mackenzie Stringham

I made this drawing of chickens.  It is based on a photograph that Dr. Wales took.  I chose it because I like chickens.  Behind the chicken is a barn and a barbecue grill!  Is the chicken about to get thrown on the grill?!  I sketched it out and used colored pencils to fill it in.  For the grass, I filled the area in with green and used a black colored pencil to make the texture of grass.  In most of the areas I blended together at least two different colors to get the right color.  My goals for this artwork was to try something different and more challenging.  I think I probably reached my goal.  After being successful in drawing chickens, I was confident to try a drawing of ducks next.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Rayleigh Blemle

The Freedom of Art

For my watercolor painting, I decided to do the American flag, but I made it more abstract. I decided to make sure the colors of the flag caught people’s eyes. Instead of having just red stripes and a blue background for the stars, I decided to use the color that's beside the original on the color wheel (analogous colors), just to bring out the ability to catch others' eyes. But I still want the shapes to stand out, so I made the lines and stars very precise. Then for the rhythm of the flag, I wanted to make it look exactly like the original when it came to the shapes. They were all even and precise and each repeated in a nice way. Then I wanted to emphasize all the colors. The colors are what really gives the flag a meaning, and adding just a bit more can make it more of a “wow” to many. I decided to use the watercolor techniques:  wash, graded wash, color drops, flat wash, and wet on wet. For the color drops, I used it on the whole painting to show that colors can be put in any spot or color and they’ll still look great. And for wash, I used diluted color for the area that is originally suppose to be white, because I wanted the flag to be as colorful as possible and I wanted to show that white should have some color too, so that it can feel important in a way. 

Sunflower Print


I decided to carve a sunflower as my next project and to use it as a print. I enjoy sunflowers because yellow is such a bright color and it shows so much happiness. But the sunflower shows beauty even when it doesn't last a long time. So, when you see a flower, you'd want to stop and embrace its beauty before it ends. So I used bright paper for my prints to show the different colors of beauty and how the brightness can make your mood positive.  

The picture I drew is of my dog lying on our porch resting, as the day was hot. I titled it Resting with Energy because he still wanted to go out and play, but it was to hot to keep going. I created this artwork with pencil by creating different shades and using tools to create different techniques. I tried to show his emotions of him being completely awake but looking worn down at the same time. My goal was to attempt to make it look as realistic as possible. I think that the overall work came out great, but I wish it was more realistic in some spots.


Artist of the Week -- Payta Bentley

My artwork is very realistic to me. It is a picture of my dog Pete. This piece of artwork I have created is called Bath Time, because this picture had been taken by myself after Pete’s bath, then drawn in art 1. Throughout drawing this piece of art I had used the shading scale to depict how dark or light I should shade. I used different types of pencils like 4H, 2H and other types of pencils for the right area throughout my pencil drawing. The pencils go in a scale from super hard tip of the pencil to super soft tip that determines how light or dark you should shade. My artwork was dramatically inspired by my wonderful dog Pete. Even though sometimes he can be a little naughty I still love him. The emotions I tried to express while creating my piece of art was to try get the real look of Pete and how he really is. My goal for this piece of artwork was reached I received a 100% and hope to continue reaching my goals. I really enjoyed doing a grid drawing in art because I can draw the precise shapes in the exact box. This piece is not exactly what I pictured, but I feel it pretty good about it  for a start. I think my artwork should have been shaded a little more precise but, besides that I think it was great. In the future I would like some of my art not all, to be some way related to an animal. This was a great project I would to do it again sometime in the future. gplus1658433169.jpg

My next project I worked on was on a piece of linoleum. I used it to carve out a picture of a very cute dog. It took weeks but I finally completed it .Then, when it was all finished I rolled some ink over top of it  and stamped it it on multiple types of paper, many different colors and textures.The colors do show different moods I used multiple colors to express multiple feelings. To print it on paper I used ink. It looked like acrylic paint but, it was ink. This is an interesting piece of art. It defines itself. It is pretty easy to do but takes a long time to carve out the shapes and lines. You carve all of the light areas of your picture you have printed out. When you start carving make sure you push out away from yourself so you don’t get cut. You also use a piece of lead paper to trace over and leave an imprint on the linoleum block. When we inked our  block we pressed it down very hard to leave my dog imprint on a piece of paper.This was a very interesting piece of art it took a long time but turned out quite good in the end. My colors of ink I used were bright to show happiness and how excited I am to be an art student.

Artist of the Week -- Gustine Brown

Hi there!  I am Gustine Brown and I am kind of an artist. I don’t really do art that much , but I love art. Art means a lot to me. I am more like a jester type of artist, because I love to joke around, mess around with things, and explore things. And I mostly like to deal and work with funny things. I like and always try to see how interesting I can make something look like by using my art skills.

Practicing is a good thing and is good habit to get into. It helps you, it guides, and it make you better at thing you want to get better at, the same as practice sessions. The benefit of practice sessions is that, the practice helps you to get the flow of something if you are trying hard and practicing every time, it will make you get really used to all you have been working on in the past few days, weeks, months and year.  And these few past weeks I been working on gesture drawing,  which is just a laying in of the action, form, and pose of a model or figure and series of poses taken by a model in a short amount of time by and artist. It's mostly all about allowing a person to pose and drawing a simple form of them first and keep adding on until it’s perfect enough.

Capturing Light
  1. Artists imagine the artificial light and  they add shadows on the drawing at the right spot, show the light areas by leaving the area blank with no shading, and start showing the cast shadow, They smudge the farther area of the cast shadow. Overall they use light to show how far, deep and bright and dark an object from a light by add the highlight, transitional light - middle values, core of the shadow and the cast shadow.
  2. All these steps taught me how to grasp and detail the main features like the light part and dark part of a drawing


Practicing the knowledge of proportion accurately is sometimes easy but sometimes a hard thing. Artists use knowledge of proportion to draw accurately by observing. They sight and measure the main feature and main size of an object. It’s all about capturing the main proportion and size and where things are supposed to go when drawing the object. The main thing and most important thing is that you always have to  focus on how you see the subjects or object that you draw, and draw what you see, what is in front of you, and put things  where they need to go.  I have done this in this lesson. Here are a few drawings that I did.
I drew exactly what I saw. It’s all about observation.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Savannah Hoffman-

Unique Opposites
No matter how much you think two people are the same, there are always differences.  In my painting there are many complementary colors.  Wasn’t that abright idea?” There is an almost symmetrical balance of shapes -- both vertically and horizontally.  The center shape is the focal point. It stands out the most because it is gray instead of colors and because it’s placed in the center. I put that in the center, because it's the most common way of showing the Yin/Yang symbol. There is pattern, by having five of the same shape, although they are in different colors. There are four rectangles, but only one diamond.  I used the watercolor techniques of crayon resist, pencil and wash, masking tape, and washes.   Where the pink overlaps the gray, it makes a nice purple line.  I used masking tape because it gives a perfect straight edge.  

Friday, November 17, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Belle Rosh

This piece of artwork is a recreation of a photograph I took of my best friends, drawn with assorted pencils and with the help of blending stump. Titled, “The Trio,” this work depicts my three friends—two girls walking and one boy on a bike—walking through town with scenery around them such as a gas station sign, road signs, a car, a tree, sidewalk, etc. To create this drawing, I first sketched the drawing out lightly, only drawing the major shapes. For example, instead of fully coloring in an area that needed to be done in the darkest value, I simply did a bit of light cross-hatching as a key to show me for later on.
    When we were asked to pick out a picture for this project, I wasn’t sure if I had any photos that were decently taken enough to be drawn. Then, I stumbled across this in my camera roll back from the middle of the summer and decided, “Hey, I think I can do this!” My three friends that were drawn are very excited to see the finished product, and that pushed me forward when creating it. I also chose them because they’re the greatest friends I could ask for, and I hope they stay in my life forever. In a way, this artwork is in our small friend group.
    My goals for this artwork included: making the people look as close as possible to how they do in reality. As well, my primary goal was to see if my friends approved of it after it was finished. I hoped to get the scenery more blended, but I could only do so much, and I’m happy with it regardless. All in all, I say I’ve done okay with nearly/achieving my goals.
    Overall, I really do like how this piece turned out. There is most definitely room for improvement, but it’s a good start.


    In my sketches from a work-in-progress manga (Japanese style comics) project, emotion is very evident even in the rough draft. The beginning of this story consists of the main character being startled by a minor character. His eyes widen and he begins to run, and then there’s the sinister grin at the bottom of the page. Emotions such as suspense, grimness, and intimidation are apparent. By just showing the smile at the bottom, it creates a dark feeling. Smiles are typically known to be friendly, but this grin has quite the opposite effect. Overall, my sketches create a  dark, suspenseful feeling for the obersever by using certain manga techniques and rough sketching. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Allyson Rockwell

I took a photo of my dog Gunnar with my iPhone at the lake during the summer. Since Gunnar was sitting down for once, I snapped a picture with a view of the water and trees behind him.This drawing I made is a grid drawing sketched with three different shading pencils. Using a blending stump helped to eliminate the pencil streaks and create a smoother image.  Although there was a lot of grass to draw, he still appears to stand out. When I look at this drawing, it reminds me of the day we went hiking up the falls and dragged the dog along with us. I hope that people will look at this and find the overall artwork relaxing.


After completing “Dog Days”, I started working on a carving project of a bird. The feathers stand out in the printing process, and compared to the original photo, the outcome looks handmade. In order to change the look of the carving, you have to add various textures. It depends on how deep you carve, and the size of the tools you are using. A bird symbolizes comfort or freedom, and the shaded areas in the back help to draw attention to the bird in the center. White in the background appears sharp and shows purity. If anyone were to pick my carving, they could choose any color to stamp it with. The warmer tones represent energy and joy, and the cooler tones have a more calming effect.  

Final print of carving in black

Monday, November 6, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Chan Hirunsri

I created a sketch of a champagne glass based on a photograph that I took on a plane flying to America. I wanted to draw this picture because I always feel like drawing a glass is hard because we have to make the reflections on the glass to make it more real. So I decided to try something that I thought was hard.

The techniques that I used in this drawing were sketching and using the different shades of dark to show dimension in the drawing.  The lesson I learned from drawing this picture is to use a grid to measure the scale of  picture into a bigger or smaller size. I learn to use a blending stump to make the shadow look more smoother and more realistic.

    I created a watercolor painting from a photo of a Sakura tree that I took in Tokyo, Japan. I wanted to do it in watercolor because I wanted to try something new other than sketching. Techniques that I used in this picture are watercolor techniques such as wet on wet,wet on dry and dry on dry to create different textures. For instance, when I painted water I used wet on wet(wet colour on wet paper) to make water look more realistic. I try to make the emotion in this picture peaceful by using color that not too dark and using colors like pink or green. The sakura (cherry blossom) is a symbol of love for Chinese people and symbol of hope for Japanese people. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Phoenix Jacobson

My artwork is of my dog Sophie. Sophie is my best friend, which applies to the title A Dog is A Girl's Best Friend. This is a drawing based on a photo of my dog that I took. The techniques that I used were shading and blending. The fur on Sophie consists of fine lines that vary based on the darkness and lightness of the of the picture I was using. I used a value scale to help me find out how dark and light the pencil can go so I can refer to it. 

My dog inspired my artwork and I wanted to draw her because she is my best friend. This drawing of my dog is from a day we were sitting outside and and I decided to take a picture. The emotion is this artwork will make you say, “Adorable!” or “Awwww”. As an artist I want to make more realistic artwork, and do more pencil drawings. In college I want to take a art class as well. I also want to get better and excel with my artistic abilities. I do think I  have reached one of my goals, I learned things from making this and this will help me in the future. I learned from mistakes I have made from the past and corrected them. I believe that this will influence my future artwork in a good way.

In the painting that I am working on, the butterfly represents rebirth and transformation.  There are many colors that take this role in this as well. The colors that are bright are the main focus point, but there are dull colors in the back. This could mean you should put your focus on your bright future instead of looking back at the dull.  The painting is in progress, but is based on the photograph below. 


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Lucas Aquilio

I drew a picture of me holding a sea bean. This picture was taken in the Florida keys when I went down there for the summer. I made this project by putting a grid on picture you had printed and I put another grid on a blank piece of paper. Once I had the basics down I had to shade in the darker parts first and make my way to lighter parts. I also had to erase the grid lines as i went on. I think I chose this picture because when I was down in the keys I had such a great time. The kind of camping experience was a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

The other reason why I chose this picture was because of current events that happened down there and I feel like some things can come and go so fast. Just by looking back at this picture all the memories of me and my friends doing the things on the island  come flowing back. We had done some amazing things like fish in a reef and in the deep ocean to other things like exploring the island and the many other thing that it provided. Going to the island and watching the sun set over the ocean reminded me that there is always peace somewhere in the world.Seeing all the wild life get along with each other like how small things like hermit crab get along with other creatures like the tiny key deer.  If you've ever heard the song “What a Wonderful World”, that's the song that went through my head the whole time I was there. My goal for this was to improve the way I draw pencil drawings. I think that I had done a pretty good job on this project but I feel like I could have done a little bit better.
After doing the realistic drawing, I  moved on to drawing cartoons and comics.  I had already had drawn the characters over the summer, because that's usually what I do for fun.  I had the idea of having a syfy kind of comic but I want it to have humor in it. In comics the emotions are very emphasized.  My comic is about teenagers that are traveling in space and stumble upon a strange planet that says FREE BATTERIES and they crash land on said planet. They find out that there is a great evil come to their universe and they must stop it. I feel like it might take me a while to make it but I am dedicated to finishing this before Arts4All.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Avery Boss

 I chose the leaf and squirrel stencils because I like the colors of the leaves. I see squirrels in my backyard.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Gabby Doty

For my pencil drawing I decided to draw my cat, Peanut. My project titled Peanut Butter was created with various gray-scaled pencils for shadowing and shading. The strong-point of my drawing was showing the shadows of the cat. The project was done on a large sheet of drawing paper with multiple pencils, a blending stump, and a kneaded eraser. I started off by drawing grid lines on my printed picture as well as my drawing paper and labeling each block downward and across. In each block I drew the main shapes I saw to help see the bigger picture. I decided to draw this picture simply because of the love I have for my cat. One of my goals for this project was to improve my drawing skills from previous years. My other goal was to prove to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to. I achieved each of these goals. I think my art piece turned out better than expected and I’m proud of my piece. I learned multiple skills from my project and hope to excel in further art projects.