Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Senior Spotlight -- Breanna Forrest

Ibn Battuta once said “Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Hello, I’m Breanna Forrest a senior at Athens Area High School. I’m just a 17 with a camera trying to tell my story. I love to travel to different places with my family and I like to capture those moments. My aunt and I like to go on random trips and we always try to capture that moment in time. I’m trying to tell my story by showing people what I see in my point of view. To some it might be a random railroad crossing sign, but to me it is part of my story. All of these pieces of artwork connect together. When I put all of them together I remember these moments with my family. The picture does not always have to take place where I traveled. Sometimes an object could bring back memories of my travels. The pineapple reminds me of the trips to the beach and the warm summer breeze. I want to show others what I see and how a random sign could mean something to you too.  I guess in someway you could call me a storyteller. My recent artwork has been a series of different things. I have recently started a mural with two of my friends/classmates Alexis and Lauren. We are graduating this year and wanted to leave our mark in the school. So what is better to do than a mural. The class of 2017 is the last class of the 90’s kids, so we came to an agreement and decided to do a 90’s mural. We have an array of different thingsfrom the 90’s. Now, I do not have any experience with painting murals, so I did my research I found a few mural artists. The three artists I studied was XAV, Rivera, and Rosenquist. All three are muralist but have different styles. XAV is a younger muralist that is very modern.  He is a tattoo artist, but he also does murals. He is influenced by Spanish graffiti and culture from today and he brings that style into his work. He also has no art education he is all self taught. I learned from him how to be more realistic. He does mostly realistic murals and tattoos. Rivera was influenced by Mexican art. He use vivid colors and basic shapes. I use that in my Bill Clinton pin I did. The basic shape was a circle then use bright pink and blue for the details. The last artist was Rosenquist. He has a pop-art style.  He use bright colors and he also did collages/mashups. That is basically what the mural is a mashup/collage of 90’s things. So that is what work I have done in the third quarter and there is much more to come.
           Well,  this is the end my last artist statement of my high school career. I have definitely grown as an artist since the beginning of the school year. I’ve faced many challenges as the year has gone by.  I’ve learned that my artistic style is almost realistic, but not the exact same as the picture. I try to follow the picture exactly, but end up going away from the picture. I use my own photographs as references. I tend to lean more towards outside nature or animals. I want to improve on my people drawing skills, but I have yet to achieve that. I use photographs I have taken myself either from my camera or my phone. My style has evolved that I’m not afraid to use more colors now. I use to only use pencil and all of my pictures would be in black and white. Now I have not done a pencil drawing since last September 2015.  I plan that after I graduate I will still put in time to do art. Even if it is just doodling in a sketchbook. I plan on setting aside time to do art. Over the summer I will try to finish one if not two projects by time August rolls around and I have to go to Bloomsburg. I might join a Facebook group that is a place where you can share your artwork and talk to other fellow artist that are not going into the art industry.
I use feedback most of the time when I am not so certain if the path I’m going down with my art is the best thing to do. I do ask others to give their feedback and do take their feedback into consideration I do not always listen to what their opinions are though. In the end it is still my art and I have full authority over it. One feedback I received was about my Chloe painting. Now this painting was not favorite because it was abstract. One of my fellow classmates said to add more texture to the one ear. I did agree that it could use more texture, but I decided that I did not want to add anything else because I never wanted to touch that painting again.  
I have made many goal settings. One of my goals was to finish eight pieces of artwork for the Scholastics competition. So I had ten weeks to finish eight pieces. It took me three months to finish a pen and ink drawing last year. Artists use goals to finish their projects in a set deadline so they do not take over a year to do one painting.
In the beginning of the year we did observational drawing. Now that was difficult! I am use to doing artwork from pictures. I drew an apple with flowers. It was difficult to remember how I had the props set up. The shadow would also change from day to day. So it was harder to do that when I have been so use to using photos. The advantages are you push your artistic limits and you improve your skills. So I guess that's it --my final artist statement.  These past four years have flown by. I am happy to say I’m that I took art classes. I would encourage others to take at least one art class in their high career.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Brooke Warner


This year in Studio Art 2 I wanted to do something different, unique, and something more “me”. I looked in books, magazines, and online to try to give me a starting point on what to do. I started by just looking up quotes and jotting them all down because I knew I wanted to do something along that line. After a week or so of brainstorming I finally found something I would absolutely love to do. I decided to make a series of canvases. So far I have made three very unique and eye popping canvases. The first canvas I decided to name “What is a Life Without Coffee”. This canvas is all about coffee and my love for it. The second canvas I titled “Bright Colors, Happy Life”. This canvas is full with bright colors and designs and almost impossible not to grab everyone’s eye. The last canvas I decided to make was definitely my favorite that I hold close to my heart. This canvas is, “ Nothing but Memories and Good Times”. This canvas is all about my best friend and I, and just some of our many pictures and memories we have made together.
First I got used canvases and a bin full of crazy recycled materials that would just go to use if no one uses them. I then glued the whole entire canvas and picked about twenty things from the bin, or anything that looked interesting to me around the room, and started to collage randomly to fill the entire canvas. I picked random designs, wallpaper, 3D objects, etc. to fill my canvas, except for my last one which I used pictures I printed off of me and my best friend, Sarah. After I was done collaging I decided to use acrylic paint and just go crazy with the colors. I thought it would be really cool to have some designs show through the paint, so I used the paint with a mixture of water to make it very thin to make that possible. After my colors were down I then chose a quote that I thought would fit perfectly with the canvas. For my first one, “What is a Life Without Coffee” I used the quote, “Love a Latte”. For this canvas I drew a picture of a coffee cup which really made this canvas stick out. For my second canvas “Bright Colors, Happy Life” I used the quote, “Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You”. I made this canvas all rainbow colored. I think this quote fit perfectly with the colors I used. I then made the word “BRIGHT” in a neon yellow outlined with a green to really make that my focal point of this entire thing. My last canvas “Nothing but Memories and Good Times” I picked out the quote, “Friends are Like Four Leaf Clovers; Hard to Find, Lucky to Have”. The pictures I chose to collage on this canvas are some are my favorite pictures and ones that hold the best memories. I used her favorite colors to go over the pictures, but also made it so you could still see the pictures through the paint. My artwork expresses personal issues in every piece of art I do. Whether it’s just my love for coffee, the happiness in my life, or my best friend, they all mean something very special to me. Through my artwork I try to show nothing but happy emotions because despite the obstacles in life, I truly feel I have a perfect life and I hope other people can feel this way too by looking at my artwork.
While making these pieces of art I didn’t just make them to make them. I had goals I wanted to reach and achieve through them. My goal was to make sure when people looked at my art they pulled a main point from it. My goal was to have a focal point in every canvas that would really stand out to people as soon as they saw it and take something away with them. I think I reached my goals very successfully. In all three of my canvases I have a main focus to every one of them. The first one was coffee, which I then drew a coffee cup to really help bring it to life. My second one which was to just be happy, I really bolded the word “BRIGHT” and used nothing but bright colors to show anyone can have a happy life if you just be you and fill your life with nothing but the brightest things. My last one was you should always hold your friends close to your heart because they are hard to find now a days. I also made the word “FRIENDS” stick out from all the rest of the words to show that’s what it is truly about. After seeing how all of the pieces turned out I immediately just wanted to keep making more and more. While making these I learned to just let your mind roam free and use your imagination. I learned to not be scared to try new things and just let your thoughts out and your hand go free. When I first started making these I figured they’d be just another little project that I end up chucking in my drawer, but they turned out so much better than I ever imagined. I wanted something different, unique, and “me” and that is exactly what I got! I’m very pleased with how they all turned out individually, some more than the other, but all together I think they look great. I will definitely keep making these canvases and continuing a series, and I know they will get better and I will be more impressed canvas by canvas.
Three studio habits of mind that really helped me throughout the whole year was, Express, Stretch and Explore, and Understand the Art World. Express is when your artwork clearly conveys an idea, mood, or place that expresses some part of you. All of my artwork expresses a special part of me in some way, whether it’s an animal, a sport, a quote, etc., every piece of my art shows an awareness of other viewers. Stretch and Explore is when you take risks in your art making and learn from the mistakes you make and persuading your peers with new ways to make art. I took a lot of risks and tried so many new things with my art this year. I wasn’t scared of anything and just let my hand and mind go free. When one of my peers checked out my collages she immediately wanted to make one because it was really different and she thought it was unique. Last, Understand the Art World is when you discover aspects of artwork from other artists that you may have missed before. The three of my latest artworks were completely discovered recently when I was just flipping through a book to get ideas and found an artist that did something very unique and different. I never thought I’d be interested in art like that, but when I discovered it and looked more into it I became very interested. Discovering new art is really fun and can give you the greatest ideas. Studio habits of the mind are very important and useful when creating art and can help you reflect on yourself and your artwork.

Choose Happy (acrylic)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Artsfest Student Art Competition Winners

 Ankitha Pamula
 Matt Nowacoski
 Gracy Osborn

 Ashtyn Allen
 Brian Courtney
 Christina Bard
 Kaidon Winters
 Alyssa Liddane
 Breanna Kisner
 Alexis McDermott
 Lauren Galasso
 Raegen Millard
 Jeff Freeman
 Breanna Forrest
 Gabriella Zello
 Jeff Reagan
 Alexa Blackman
 Jovanni Volmar
 Zach Pruyne
 Hunter Post
 Jessi Bellows
 Sarah Montrose
 Emily Canavan
Thomas Bussom

Dunking Booth Photos

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Alexis Mingos

The great Andy Warhol once said “Art is Anything You Can Get Away With”. Hearing this quote has been a huge catalyst for my artistic inspiration. I like this quote because I feel like I don't do things the "right way" -- the way that you are supposed to do them.  I make things in my own way and they turn out okay anyway.
The ideas behind the book Steal Like an Artist have really helped me strengthen my ability to create more unique art than I previously had. In that book Austin Kleon explains that you can make original things by taking details from many different existing things.

I strive to design unique and cute characters that someone could potentially use in a comic or cartoon or even just a t shirt design. Recently I was actually commissioned to design two superhero characters that would be used on a t shirt for a dance studio in Absecon, New Jersey. It was very surreal to see the design come to life onto a real tangible shirt that would be worn by people.

    I work in a program called Paint Tool SAI on a Intuos Pro Medium Sized Tablet. I got into digital art because the idea of having every color available to me while drawing was very appealing. Being able to experiment with color is maybe one of my favorite things about art. I like to practice with shading because of the amount of effect it can have on the mood of a piece. This is why often i will shade with colors like blue or red, rather than what the colors would be in normal lighting.

    I feel like cartooning allows so much room for creativity and expression over something like realism, which is largely part of why I draw in the style I do. A quick doodle of a character with a wild expression and a fun pose is very attractive to me.  I hope to someday start my own webcomic. I have a few ideas that I would really like to put into that form.