Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Emily Canavan

One of my favorite art works is the pencil graph project we did.  The picture I chose to draw is of my dog, Tucker.  He is a golden retriever and is eight years old.  My older sister, Katie, decided to make a paper hat and put it on him since it was his birthday.  I took a picture of him, and started to draw it in class.  I knew it would be challenging but I was determined to do it.  

Birthday Boy (pencil)

When I first started, I used a regular mechanical pencil to outline.  I started at the top of the picture, by the hat, and worked my way down to the head.  Once I had the outline of the hat and head, I was introduced to shading pencils.  Using the pencils were not as hard as I expected.  I shaded his head and it made the drawing look more realistic.  After that, I used the mechanical pencil again to draw a rough outline of his body and again, I began shading.  It was hard to get the mix of the long fur and short fur since it all just looked like long straight fur.  I had to figure out a way to change this since he has curly and shorter hair.  The mix of a dark pencil and the eraser helped me get the look and pattern like the picture.  The very last object I worked on was the floor.  I had to shade around my dog to get a shadow effect and blend around his body.  Throughout the whole process I kept tweaking and fixing things.

I have had my dog since I was in kindergarten.  No matter what, he always is happy and brings joy to the family.  I knew the drawing would be difficult but I wanted to challenge myself with something new.  It was definitely a challenge, but I’m very proud of it.  I have spent many hours at home working on it and I’ve worked hard in class everyday.  This project took a long time, but all the effort is worth it.

My overall thoughts are mixed.  I love how the drawing looks, but I always find something I need to fix or change.  I especially go back and fix the fur on his chest.  In the picture it is curly and short which is challenging to draw and get the contrast of the white reflecting fur and dark black.  This graph drawing will help me in the future.  I taught me how to shade, use different types of pencils, and other valuable things that will help me in the future.At first, my goal was for it to be perfect and exactly like the photo.  I knew it would not be perfect, but I wanted it to be close.  Throughout the process, I realized that it would not be exactly what I wanted because I do not have the experience yet.  It was a good practice for future times.  I’m excited to learn more and compare old drawings to new ones to see how much I have changed.  The more that I practice, the better I will get.  I still have a lot of things to learn, but this was a good first step.  

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