Monday, December 12, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Alexis Harford

Peekaboo! (acrylic)
The creative process starts off with a task or challenge, then coming up with a plan or idea follows. Picking the best art medium for your piece and then experimenting with new techniques and styles makes your art unique. Sharing ideas with others to spark feedback can help and create ideas to improve your art. Using others responses as a way to decide on finishing touches of details helped. Show off your work throughout its process and in its finally completed state.  Lastly, use the results from that piece to push new ideas for the next project.

As I was painting, I looked up an artist who also paints dogs -- C.M. Coolidge. He is famous for his series of "dogs playing poker."  He started by drawing caricatures of people. Then he progressed to animals and finally to anthropomorphized dogs.  This is where the beginning of his series began. Using bold colors and simple but strong detail, he created Dogs Playing Poker. 

I also used bold colors to create my dog. I paid less attention to specific detail and making things look exact and more to highlights and shadows to bring life to my painting. I received critisicm from my classmates that improved my grass, giving it depth and the sense of movement.  The creative process sparks all projects and gives ideas for improvement to all artists.
Process Notes

Synectic Visions (colored pencil)

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