Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Megan Bennett

My drawing is a picture of multiple flowers and bulbs. It’s a shading project that has many intricate shadows and shapes that I have worked very hard on getting perfect. This project has taken a very long time but you can’t rush an artwork. When drawing this, I focused on getting the very little details to make the rest of the picture work together. I call my drawing The Little Things. I kept in mind when I was drawing this to not be afraid to make everything have an outline and basically let it flow. I pushed myself a lot when I was doing this and I think the outcome was very good.
Little Things (pencil)

Sunset (acrylic)

    On my other projects, I felt very comfortable doing them. They were what I liked doing so I was definitely in my comfort zone. When I was doing these projects, I kept in mind that it didn't have to perfect and I could mess around in regards to the techniques I used. 

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