Monday, November 14, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Ankitha Pamula

Down to Davy Jones' Locker (pencil)

My first artwork is a black and white artwork in pencil. The subject matter was an old-fashioned ship. The title of my artwork is “Down to Davy Jones’ Locker.” The use of ebony pencil is most obvious in my artwork. I shaded with pencil to achieve the appearance of an old black and white photograph. I used a shading scale to obtain dark and light features. These would all eventually combine to create the picture of passe ship. A vacation, where I saw the old-time ship sailing inspired my artwork. My artwork expresses a personal issue of inspiration. I feel like the ship represents my life, sailing towards a certain direction. I tried to express mostly freedom in the canvas. As an artist, my main objective was to get as precise with the measurements as I could. Overall, I was pretty happy with what I had made, and I feel that I have accomplished my goals, because the ship looked to have almost the exact measurements. I learned that precise art takes a lot of time. I spent several weeks on this artwork, before I was finally happy with the outcome. The final piece was barely different from what the picture was like, but it was definitely different from what I imagined. I honestly thought I would mess the measurements and shading up more, but it turned out to be pretty precise. This piece will influence my future artworks, because I have learned to be more confident with my artistic ability, and not doubt the skills which I possess.  

Sunset and Silhouette (acrylic)

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