Monday, October 31, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Isabelle Menard

My artwork Little Thief is a shaded sketch of my dog, Coco. To create this piece, I first began with measuring lines an inch apart and drawing in sharpie on the photo I had printed. I did that horizontally and vertically in order to create multiple boxes. Then, on a much larger scale I repeated the same process, except I measure 2 inches apart and I drew my lines in very, very fine pencil. Besides the ruler,  used a shading pencil, eraser, and blending stick to create this drawing.

Ever since I was younger, in my hometown in New York, I visited a local art gallery and would marvel at the beautiful works of art made locally from the people in the community and school. I can still clearly remember a few shaded still life works. I remember thinking to myself, "How did someone draw a picture with no color and make it so realistic, it seemed as if you were seeing it in person?" When I began this project, I remembered those pieces of work and it inspired me to take my time and pay attention to all the details in the photograph.

I snapped this picture of Coco right as she ate my cracker. I captured the look of glee that was plastered all across her face. I tried to recreate that overjoyed emotion in my piece. Alongside, I named my artwork, Little Thief because Coco stole my cracker just as I was going to snap a picture of her.

My goal is to improve in every aspect of art from painting to drawing. This piece really helped me reach my goal. I always thought I couldn't draw, let alone shade a picture to save my life, but through creating this work 've gained confidence in my ability and it's taught me to pay closer attention to the little details in my everyday life. My final piece isn't what I imagined it'd be. As I said before, wen I started this artwork, I had absolutely no confidence in myself, so I thought it was  going to be a mess. I'm very happy with how it turned out in the end. This piece has a big influence on my future artworks because I now have an eye for the little details and I've learned different techniques such as representing texture.

Little Thief (pencil)

Landscape (acrylic)

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