Monday, September 19, 2016

Artist of the Week: Jessica Dean

The painting I painted was from a photograph I took in my dad's flower garden he's been working on. It's one of my favorite flowers of the group. I sat on the ground waiting to leave and I decided to get a picture of the beautiful flowers we have. I tried working in my liking for flowers into my painting. It's the flowers inside the flower garden. It didn't come out as I wanted or planned, but I'm learning to like it.
Flower Garden (acylic)
Learning about the traditional painting techniques helped me paint my picture. It helped bring depth and extra color to my painting. It helped make my main point be the main point. I learned many useful techniques that I'll use in the future. Three techniques I used were sponge, which I used in the background, blending to mix the light and dark colors together to bring depth in the painting and alla prima to make the flower and stems stand out more.
Artist Journal

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