Sunday, June 5, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Cierra House

My Art Experience

This year in Studio Art 1, I learned that to be an artist, you don’t necessarily have to be good at art. Anyone can be an artist. Anything someone makes, from the fingerpaints in pre-school  to the artworks you make when you’re older --  it is all classified as art. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not, it is your own personal creation. Everything is its own type of artwork. For example, nature is the best form of art there is. From the wings of a butterfly, to the snowflakes falling from the sky, it is all beautiful ART.

Many different artists work in all different ways. For example, one artist might use photographs as their art, but another might take a picture in black and white and draw it, then paint it completely different colors to make it their own. An artist uses his or her phone to take magical pictures, for either photography or to paint later on. Also, artists might use their phones to look up trending artwork, like printmaking. Printmaking is when you take a linoleum block and carve out the negative parts of a picture. Then, you take ink and use a roller to paint the block. Once you have done that, you take some type of paper to transfer your picture over, and you have got your block print.
Art Journaling is when you take art and all sorts of other ideas and designs, and put them into your art journal. An art journal can also be used to take notes in and you can write some of your favorite quotes in there as well. An art journal can be used for more than just writing. For example, I used my art journal to test out different art techniques and to glue on some pictures. One picture I glued on was a peacock. I loved how the peacock looks and all of the different colors that were in the feathers. Once I glued on the pictures I wrote or painted quotes over the picture for more creativity! Artists use art journals to express themselves through words, pictures, and sayings. Also, artists use art journals to just let loose and have some fun. Lastly, they use their journals for exercising your creative muscles and to give yourself a voice.

Any photograph can be a work of art. I would say that the right lighting and a good camera is what makes pictures really great. But anything from a picture of a blade of grass to a picture of the coral reef is a good picture. Also, I would say perspective is another way to get a good picture. For example, when I take my photos of the sunsets and nature, I use multiple different filters and perspectives. The filters help for different sun light settings and perspective is to make sure you can see all of the details. For example, when taking a picture of a flower I like to take an upclose picture and use multiple different filters and angles for the best picture.

Many artists show their feelings or personal objects or possessions in artworks of theirs. The personal objects or possessions are just hidden or they are blended into the artwork. Art is personally relevant to you when there is something personal to you in it. The piece of artwork that is most personal to me is the acrylic sunset painting. It is personal to me, because I took that picture in the car when I was with my friends. They are my best friends and I have no idea what I would do without them.  
 In conclusion,  Studio Art is learning what it means to be an artist and  how different artists use different art techniques.

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