Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Artsfest Spotlight: McKaylah Dekay

As a student vendor at Artsfest, it's easy to say that the benefits of such an event are countless. Although I gained many experiences from being a student vendor, three of the most beneficial aspects of the festival included getting my name and art "out there", meeting new and interesting people, and learning what it takes to be a real artist.
Business Saturday started out relatively slow, selling only a small amount of commissions and maybe one painting. This kind of started to affect me mentally and made me thing, "Oh, my work isn't as good as I thought it was" and "this was a terrible idea." I almost didn't come back on Sunday, but I decided that I probably should because I had signed up to work. I got there Sunday and my art immediately took. People began to ask for my name and contact information, thus spreading the word about me. This was a real confidence booster. Having all the people come up to me on Sunday was basically free publicity and it was great.

In meeting all the people interested in my work, I also met a couple vendors as well as fascinating and creative clients. Everyone applauded my creativity and talent which also drove my confidence through the roof. Because I'm pursuing an art related career, it was extremely uplifting to hear all the kind words everyone had to offer. It was also beneficial to meet new people and gain better social and bargaining skills.

One of the largest benefits of being a student vendor at Artsfest was seeing what it takes to be a real artist and actually making money. Over a period of two days, I made over $300, which is a lot to a high school student. I also did a lot to help Artsfest including face painting and crafting. This shows the versatility that is demanded of an artist in a fast paced world.

Many people coming together for one sole purpose is what makes Artsfest what it is. The sole purpose is spreading creativity and the coming together of artists establishes this. Overall, Artsfest was a great experience for me as well as thousands of people from all over our community.

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