Thursday, May 5, 2016

Artsfest Spotlight: Erica Hutchison

There are many benefits to holding the Artsfest. It provides lots of opportunities for artists around the community to show their creativity and talent. It helps students to get their artwork out into the world providing a business-like approach that's helpful for the future. I got to show my artwork and it even got First Place. It's very fun for everyone -- especially the little kids who enjoy the face painting, horse rides, bouncy house and more. It gives people a good time and people look forward to the Artsfest. A school told one of my teachers that they are amazed by what we do.

The Artsfest takes lots of planning and can be a learning experience for students who set up and help plan out what happens. It makes them better leaders. The Artsfest would not be as amazing as it is without careful planning. The art students help in many ways such as setting up, making art to sell, t-shirt designs, and the activity we will be providing.

My contribution to the Artsfest was fun for me. I helped set up the Kid's Tent and Clay Tent. I worked a lot in the afternoons Day 1 and 2. I painted faces and it was very touching seeing how happy the kids were. There were so many adorable kids getting their faced painted. One little girl about six years old wanted a purple kitty mask. She was so happy and was always giggling and laughing. While I was painting her face she randomly told me she loved me. It was the cutest thing in the whole world and I am so happy that I could make her day just by painting her face. I very much look forward to helping out with Artsfest next year and help plan for it.

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