Sunday, May 29, 2016

Artist of the Week -- June Chilson

An artist is someone who loves to draw and takes pride in that passion. An artist expresses their feelings, their emotions, their surroundings, or even items to make art work. Anyone can be an artist.  As with playing a musical instrument, “practice makes perfect”. But you can also be an artist if you put your mind and effort into it. It doesn’t have to be the absolute best but as long as you enjoy it, be creative about it.


Artists use cameras and electronics to get a visual of their surroundings. Photography is also a work of art as well.  Some people take pictures of nature or animals. Pictures also help the artist get the details that they want.   



Artists sometimes use art journals as a way to jot down their ideas or sometimes to doodle and maybe pass the time. They also use art journals to make various types of art, maybe even to experiment with art work, some use it to practice.  I always like to draw flowers.  A journal is how I practice. I always put my favorite quotes into my art work and  to me it gives it a little character. I put some music lyrics in it. a lot of the stuff I have in my journal either pertains to music or is about music. Music for me is my happy place.

Histories and traditions are the past of art to help us create our own styles -- to help us express who we are. I always like to do art. It's something that comforts me, besides reading books and listening to music. I like my art work to be creative, very unique and different. I like to be and think outside the box, stand out and be who I really am. To be an artist feels good. I know that I can express myself without words and when my words fail my art speaks alongside my music.  One of the artists that inspires me is Michelangelo.  He was an Italian artist who did sculptures, paintings, and poetry.   One of my favorite art works by him is Sistine Chapel Ceiling. It's a bunch of designs coming together as one. That’s why when I draw I combine aspects of my personality as one. I think his sculptures are amazing and I wish I could sculpt that good.

Photographs can be works of art, you can take any picture you take into a work of art. I like taking photos. I took photos of the fireworks on the fourth of July and during the day.  what I have learned from experience is that you can’t have too much light sometimes it blinds everything out and all you see is light and not what you really want.

When you make a work of art into your own little thing it makes it relevant and even if you make a mistake, sometimes those mistakes can be good. My favorite is the micrograph, I had a lot of fun making mine. I expressed my entire personality with the things I like, from books to the funny things I Say to my heavy metal bands with their lyrics, food and random lyrics I heard when the music was playing in art class the places I went to and the places I am about to go to.

Artists express themselves in their different ways that interpret art through their eyes even in a group except it's like  combination of different interpretations coming together as one, one thing to is that they don’t plagiarize from anyone else or each other.

When an artist uses elements and principles of art they think of things differently, like the artist at the Artsfest I asked about private lessons. He told me when you do art think of things in a geometrical shape, everything is a shape. The man started naming things around him and what shape they were.

Old fashioned vs. digital prints. The difference is the digital doesn´t take as long as if you were to do it the old fashioned way. The old fashioned way can show a lot more intricate detail and sometimes doing digital you either might not have enough ink or the printer brakes. With the old fashioned style you don't have to worry about it because you have your print either or. Old fashioned maybe long but in the long run it is a good benefit.

From what I see from other student's journals is that they put their personalities into to it they make it as colorful and as creative as they want to, some of them look "plain jane" but there are others that have a ton of color on their covers with creative designs and or quotes inside or outside on their art journals, you can tell that they experiment with different things not everyone likes a bright colored book but compared to my book they are all different because everyone has a  different personality than me. Art is one of my favorite things to do, I want to be an artist and I hope to go to college when I am older for art. It would be my dream.


This is my identity box project. In my project I drew a picture of a pizza because I like pizza and it also represents the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I have a tune called Paint It Black from marching band with Athens Area Wildcats with the cat picture. I have a picture of a hot dog with a quote from the show Steven Universe ¨If every pork chop were perfect we wouldn't have hot dog.", Steven Universe is awesome and one of my favorite shows. I have two pictures of my favorite heavy metal band Slipknot and Five Finger Death Punch. I have a pic of the label Hot Topic because that is my favorite store when I go to the mall. On the sides I have a skull and Gir as the grim reaper because I like spooky things. On the top i have a design in red paint with a paint brush because it represents how much I like to do art and it is one my favorite things to do. Plus, I almost forgot the the flute meme I put in my box it says "I have 99 problems but a reed ain't one" with a flute picture I drew and a reed from my saxophone case.

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