Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Abby Wiles

There are many different purposes for making art. Some purposes include functional, narrative, decorative, and most importantly, in my opinion, expression. For example, I created functional art when I made a mug set out of clay. I created narrative art while drawing my palm tree, because it told a story of when I was in Florida. I used expression when I painted a dancer, because I am passionate about dancing. Many artists use expression in their artwork such as Vincent Van Gogh in his work, Starry Night
 What makes art personally relevant is when you put yourself and emotion into it. Putting emotion into your art makes it better to yourself and much more meaningful. My painting of a dancer is most relevant to me because I was a dancer all my life. It was always my stress reliever. Now that I can no longer dance, painting that brought back good memories and I put emotion into that piece.

Artists use cameras for taking personal pictures of what we feel is beautiful. For example, I enjoy taking pictures of sunsets and my animals because I  find much beauty in that. We use cell phones and other electronic devices for references and inspiration to get our minds going for ideas for our own personal artwork.
Artists use artistic journals to express themselves and to experiment with different ideas. If I wanted to try a new technique of blending, but didn’t want to use my own artwork to experiment this, I would use the journal to see how I feel about it first. If I liked it, then I would transfer it to my artwork. If I had something important on my mind and I wanted to get it out, I would use my journal to express myself. For example, I enjoy writing song lyrics. I love to do this in my journal.
A photograph can most definitely be a work of art. What makes a photograph really great is when its personal to you. I love candid photographs when you catch someone laughing because its true happiness in that photo and will always remind you of a happy time. What really helped me when taking photographs is the rule of perspective. Looking at things a different way can really change the picture. I used this when taking the picture of my palm tree. I took it looking up, which really made the photograph different and interesting.

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