Sunday, May 15, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Abby Segar

Being an artist can help define who you really are. It is a way to represent yourself through your artwork. For example, if you draw or paint dark things, you might be an unhappy person, but if you draw or paint with light colors, you are most likely a happy person. You express your thoughts through your artwork. Anyone can be an artist, no matter how good or bad your work is, you still put part of you into it. Your artwork may not be the best, but you could know so much about art and try many techniques in your work. This acrylic painting of mine, Sunny Daze, demonstrates how light colors show happy thoughts.


Artists can express their ideas of art through many different ways. They can use
cameras, cell phones, and electronic devices. There are seven ways that artists can improve their pictures. They include: filling the frame, simplifying and exaggerating, not centering the object, creating depth, connecting the dots, perspective, and lighting. These tips can help make a picture better, so it will be a better work of art. It is also fun to take your own picture and paint/draw it. This is a picture of a flower that I took. I got up close to it, to have a better result.       

    Artists use their artistic journals to practice techniques before using them in their artwork. It is better to practice and know what you are doing. They also use it to write down notes or maybe something they read. They could write down a quote that means something. There can never be a wrong way to do an artistic journal. It is about how you do it and what you need to do and how to do it. For example, I watched a video and took notes about it. It helped me remember what to do. It also helped me go step by step, to get better results. You can decorate your journal to make it your own. The pictures below are the front and back of my artistic journal.

    A photograph is definitely a work of art. It is another way to express your feelings. You have to get the right angle and it is of something that you like or represents you. I have learned that you can’t just take the picture, you have to move yourself to improve the quality. The picture should also have good lighting. A picture can be also be a work of art because after you take it, you can paint it or draw it.  For example, the two pictures below are a picture that I took and the other is a watercolor that I painted.

    Artists use old fashioned printing techniques because it makes the artwork original. You could just use a copier and make it exact, but that isn’t as fun. When you do it, it makes it unique and your own. You can benefit from doing linoleum block printing, because you can make as many as you want. Also, it gives the print an old, historic feeling. The picture is a linoleum block print I made, of my dog.



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