Friday, April 29, 2016

Artsfest Art Awards

Lizzie VanDyke -- 1st Place Hand-Built Pottery
 The Artsfest Art Awards have been announced!  Pottery was judged by Mr. Webster and 2D artwork was judged by Mrs.Rosenberger (art teacher at Lynch/SRU).  Congratulations to all the winners. It was so difficult for the judges to choose from among such amazing pieces. 
Nathan Spencer -- 1st Place Wheel-thrown Pottery

Cheyenne Northrup -- 2nd Place Hand-Built Pottery

Corrinne Rivera - 3rd Place Hand-Built Pottery

Kendra Felt - 2nd Place Wheel-thrown Pottery

Kristine Emerson - 1st Place Printmaking

Cierra House - 3rd Place Printmaking

Tiegan Stetz - 2nd Place Printmaking

Sydney Liechty - 2nd Place Drawing

Breanna Forrest - 2nd Place Color Drawing

Jeffrey Reagan - 3rd Place Drawing

Lauren Galasso - 2nd Place Watercolor

Kendra Felt - 3rd Place Watercolor

Hunter Post - 1st Place Color Drawing

Erica Hutchinson - 1st Place Painting

Felicity Tobbe - 3rd Place Color Drawing
Adam Hunsinger - 1st Place Watercolor

Alexis Chilson - 1st Place Drawing

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