Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Rohnin Bishop

 Hi, I'm Rohnin Bishop. How ya doin'?  My favorite color is blue.  My favorite style of art is comic books. Being able to create my own characters is so much fun. Currently, I'm drawing four pages of a comic idea called the Legion.  There are three main characters:  Seal Witch, Sloth Warlock, and Shadow Puppet.  The origin of two of the characters came from my twin sister, Selkie Bishop. Her name means "a mystical seal" and I love sloths.  She designed the looks of the characters and lost interest, but I kept improving them until they became my own. Shadow Puppet was an idea that I had forgotten until recently and thought it would be a creepy addition to my wicked twins.

Outside of these comics, I most recently painted cold wintery paintings and a drawing of a frozen mirror.  I began a cold, blue theme for most of my works and I hope to include that in my comic possibly. 
Rohnin recruits classmates to pose so he can get his figure drawings just right.

Sketches and Comic Drawings

Seal Witch and Sloth Warlock (pen and ink)

Unfathomable Winter (acrylic)

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