Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday Morning Art! Week 1

Zach helps these young artists cut and assemble their textured paint collages.
Our first session of Saturday Morning Art was a huge success, but we couldn't have pulled it off without the help of several high school and adult members of Team Artsfest!  Grades K-2 created textured paint collages inspired by the art and books of Eric Carle.  Grades 3-5 threw on the pottery wheel and used handbuilding techniques to make clay sculptures.

The kids loved hearing high school kids read to them. Here Caitlin is reading The Mixed Up Chameleon -- that poor misguided creature who wanted to be like everyone else, until he discovered the gifts that only he had.
Sara helps kids cut and assemble their mixed-up chameleons.  (Dr. Wales forgot he only had Big People Scissors in the art room!)
Cierra helps with cutting. 

Nate helps the next generation of potters learn to center and open the clay.
Kendra helps a budding potter throw a pot.
Lauren helps distribute material and helps kids who need it.

Abby reads The Hungry Caterpillar. 
I heard one parent remark, "I have a new appreciation for the art of Eric Carle!"  There's nothing like "following in the footsteps" of an artist to increase appreciation and enjoyment of their artistry.
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  1. It was a day of well-planned chaos! The projects were engaging, the helpers were attentive and the artists were absorbed in their work. It was great fun!