Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Tasha Beech

What inspires me to make art is anime or Japanese animation.  I love Japanese work. it looks like you're in a different country . I got into it because my brother had a Naruta manga.  I noticed it was on Cartoon Network so I started watching it.  I have almost all of the 72 books of the Naruto series now and have read them all.

England (acrylic)

I have improved a lot in my drawing this year.  I learned a lot from a manga drawing book that has the tricks and tips for drawing manga. It is like a cheat sheet for how to draw in the manga style. Some of my projects are based on anime that  I love.  My latest painting is England from Hetalia.  I brought a plush doll into class and the flag of England.  I had bought the flag at Old Navy and the plushie at the mall.  I set up a still life and took a photograph.  I projected the photo onto the canvas, then used acrylic techniques to paint it.

Matryoshka (mixed media)

This painting is inspired by the song called Matryoshka.  The two people in the painting are my friends Brittaney and Lizzy.  They are dressed up as characters in Boca Lords.  It means a lot to me because my friends are in it and it is a fun picture.

My friend and I worked on this drawing together. It is a fallen angel.  There was a picture on my Ipod that I got from a story on The Creepy Pasta website.  I did the body shape.  Brittany did the wings. I did the tree and we both did the rocks.  I like it because it has a sad emotion.

Fallen Angel (mixed media) by Tasha Beech and Brittaney Hutchings

Uta (acrylic)

The painting above is inspired by an anime called Tokyo Ghoul.  There are 24 acrylic techniques in it.  The masking tape technique was the most fun.

The drawing below is a still life with a doll and cup. I brought in a glass doll to use as part of a still life. I took a photograph and used graphing to enlarge the photo.   It is shaded with charcoal and a blending stump.

Still life with doll (pencil)
The community benefits from art when they can see a new world from a different perspective. The Artsfest gives us new art supplies. I made three bowls and gave them to the Souper-bowl. We got some new clay and other supplies. That tells me that art is the most powerful thing of all.
 I have gotten better at building things out of clay. I’m pleased with my animal and hand sculptures. I advanced in my skills and went far.
For the production pottery I did mugs. I did ten of them, I also did plates.  I made three of them. I can mix different colors together and came up with cool designs. My first on was all red with a diamond shape on it.  My second one was a tall black mug with spots that was supposed to be red but didn’t show up on it.
I chose a booth to sell some of my clay pieces. I sold five of them. I  felt awesome like some people liked my art.

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