Sunday, March 13, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Mykala Abrams

I like art and painting because it lets me express my feelings through art. I have drawn animals, flowers, and creepy creatures in scary scenes. My favorite Is the flower I painted with acrylic paint. I made it realistic by learning some blending techniques. I chose to paint a flower because my grandma loves flowers and I wanted to give her something from nature to look at when she is in assisted living. She has to spend a lot of time alone in her room and I thought it would cheer her up. 

Lily for Grandma (acrylic)

Grendel (pencil)
This is a drawing of a dog Grendel.  My grandpa gave me this dog on my last birthday before he past away.  He said, "You watch after him. Don't let anyone take him away from you. He's yours."  I call Grendel my son because I got him when he was a puppy. I stayed up with him all night just like a kid.  He is a miniature Brindle Boston Terrier. 

Spirit of the Past (Colored Pencil)
I made this because I love lacrosse. I know everything about it. I always wanted to play it.  I have the Native American in the sky because they started the sport. They made their own sticks and used trees for the goals. 

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