Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Hunter Post

I am Hunter Post. My art is usually based off popular or interesting moments and movies I've seen but twisted into this random and usually strange art form I've created. I prefer drawing comics so I'm able to add my exaggerated movement and "bad" jokes that I love to make. This way when I show it to people they either laugh or make me laugh with their reaction.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday Morning Art -- Week 4

Today was our final session of Saturday Morning Art.  Students arrived and enjoyed our exhibit in the gallery and then completed a craft together as a family. Students decorated flower pots with markers and stickers and then added soil and a marigold.

Today was a great day for creativity, family, and community!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Artist of the Week: Lizzie Van Dyke

Creating my artwork puts me in a different place and helps me relax because I don't hear anybody. I'm focused on my work and with the paint so I don't mess up.  Being in an art class helps you get your artwork out in public eyes and shows that you are proud of your art pieces.  I know when I do any of my drawings, I sit there for hours and paint til it's half way done.  If you don't believe me, ask my grandma. She always yells at me when I don't eat dinner until eight o'clock at night.  Now she makes sure I have dinner when I get home because I'm always drawing something for a friend or family member.  I have been to a lot of other schools and made a lot of friends there.  In every school I always tried to take art classes.   In art class we take pictures of our artwork so I can show my friend s from other schools how far my art skills have gotten.  
The inspiration for this painting was dream catchers.  When I was 12 years old my grandma and I would go to the fair.  We always looked at different dream catchers and saw the different designs that could be in them.  It inspired me to draw a dream catcher hanging from a pair of deer antlers.  I surrounded that with designs and slogans that inspire me.  I added the swirly coil shapes because I use them a lot in ceramics.

I made this truck painting because my grandma used to own one almost like that.  It's my favorite kind of truck. 

For this assignment we were supposed to combine something new with something ancient.  I drew Sy from Duck Dynasty as a caveman. 

Field Trip to the Gmeiner Art Center

Students who competed in the Endless Mountains Regional Art Competition for Teen Artists took a field trip to take in the exhibition of entries at the Gmeiner Art Center in Wellsboro, PA.  Students entered the gallery and saw their artwork, their classmates artwork, and art by other art students from high schools in our region.

After viewing the show, there was an award ceremony, recognizing student winners in each category including Sydney Liechty (1st place in Drawing and 1st place in Painting) and Erica Hutchison (Honorable Mention in Drawing) and Rachel Hutchison (Honorable Mention in Painting).

Next, students were told to pair up with any art student from a different high school for an informal critique.  There were some great conversations going on!

On our way home, we took in a brief tour of Loomis Gallery in Allen Hall at Mansfield University and toured the studios there.

It was a great day for learning about the world of art and the work of an artist.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Morning Art -- Week 3

Today the Saturday Morning Artists glazed the ceramic pieces they made last week and drew cartoons!  Children drew individual features from many different characters and combined them in new ways to create new cartoon characters that no one has seen before!

Next week is our last class.  We will begin with an art show in the AAHS Gallery.  Then students can work with their parents on a "make-it-and-take-it" project.  When they are finished, they can take all of their projects from the Gallery and take them home.

As always, a big thanks goes out to the adult and student members of Team Artsfest!  This couldn't happen without you.