Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Artist of the Week -- Nate Spencer

"I view learning ceramics as I do everything else -- I see how far I can push myself. When approaching something new, it's great to see your borders early on. If you realize what you're capable of starting off, it becomes a lot easier later on to do what you thought was impossible for you. 

Seeing progress is a huge part of motivation and generating a desire to improve. Starting out with bowls that are only four inches tall and struggling with that made me want to keep trying for more and more height. I'm a huge believer in failing, in the sense that you should never be afraid to fail. It's my personal success that I can accredit to all my failures I've learned from. Due to all the clumps of clay I've wasted on the wheel due to either being too wet, not centered well enough, or pulling the edges up too fast. I've learned an effective way for me to create pots on the wheel. Start small, see your boundaries and then strive to break them. If you have that mindset towards anything, I guarantee you will find success in that activity." -Nate Spencer

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