Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Arnot Art Museum Visit

Art students had the opportunity to visit the Arnot Art Museum to see an exhibit of winning student artworks from the Scholastic Art Awards competition.  In addition to viewing exemplary high school artwork, they also got to view paintings and sculptures from the permanent collection.  Below are some photos and excerpts from student writings describing this experience.

"The trip we took to the Arnot Art Museum was absolutely amazing. When you pull up to the building, the first thing you see are these grand columns and stairs. The house the museum is in is gorgeous. The first room you walk into contains many pieces of the permanent collection. I was inspired by the different styles of paintings in the collection. It amazes me how good these paintings are, and I can only wish I'll be that good some day. " - Lauren Galasso
"My recent visit to the Arnot Art Museum was extremely enlightening and inspiring. There, I learned that not only was the museum an old house, but a collection of one man's tireless efforts to reap timeless art. I was deeply inspired by the vast amount of techniques and emotion portrayed throughout the masterpieces. For example, one painting really stood out to me. This painting was called The Lunatic. This work embodies what it means to incorporate emotion into a piece by mastery of techniques. The piec e itself depicts a woman with bloodshot and bulging eyes cradling a log with a baby's cap on it. This suggests the woman lost a child and was driven made by it. The emotion in this piece is just overpowering -- almost demanding attention. I can only hope to aspire to this level of greatness as I grow and progress as an artist." -McKaylah Dekay


"My visit to the Arnot Art Museum was my first visit to an art museum since I was little. It was a very interesting trip because seeing art in person is such a great experiences -- a lot different from seeing it online or in a book. You get to see all the different textures that artists use to portray different things. It was also neat to see all of the Scholastic winners that high school students made. I learned a lot about different techniques and approaches you can use when making art. I was very inspired because I was able to see various ideas and creative things that people came up with. By taking this trip to the Arnot Art Museum, I was able to understand the benefits of art history better and actually see some historic art in person." -Michaela Courtney


"I learned that in the older days there were paintings to show the fun times, the trouble they had when they were kids, or themselves. When I see the old paintings, I can see the different techniques they used. There were a couple paintings that don't even look like paintings -- it looks like a photograph and you feel like you are there and in that time period. I'm going to take my grandma and our neighbor to this art museum because they really like looking at art.  They like looking at the paintings I make, and I know they would really like these in the art museum." -Lizzie Van Dyke

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