Thursday, January 28, 2016

Artist of the Week: Lexi Morley

My Artistic Journey
I never really used to draw much or anything. I only took art because I needed another credit and my friend Sarah wanted me to take it with her. I used to doodle in my notebooks when I was bored, but I never actually tried. I have grown to enjoy art and I’ve learned how to be a better artist.
When most people hear the word artist they think of someone famous like Georgia O’Keefe; however, you don’t have to be famous or sell your artwork to be an artist. An artist can be absolutely anyone. You don’t necessarily have to sit down and paint a painting to be an artist, you can do something as simple as just taking a picture or even do just a little doodle here and there expressing yourself. You can express your opinions, emotions, thoughts, personality, anything. To me, an artist is anyone that expresses themselves.

This year in Art 1 we made something called an artist journal. We used this journal frequently throughout the year to doodle and express ourselves. I loved this, it was my favorite way to express myself. I could just walk into class and draw whatever I was feeling in that moment, it didn’t matter what it was. An artistic journal is basically just a journal where you try new techniques and express yourself. I remember I tried this one technique where you paint a little layer, cut out a picture from something and put it on the paint, and then you paint over the picture. The paint will act like glue and keep that picture there; however, I used too dark of a color so you really can’t even see the picture, but that’s what this journal is all about. Make mistakes, try new techniques.
Before I took Art 1, I used to think a photograph was just a photograph. Over this course I have grown to see them more and more as a work of art. To take good photographs you have to use a lot of different compositions; for example, the lighting has to be just right, they say natural light is the best. Also you should never make your main focus right in the middle of the picture, put it off to the sides or in corners. Never center it. By using the rule of thirds for this, your main focus will be more interesting. By learning these compositions they’ve helped me take much better photographs and I will never forget these compositions.

I express myself by drawing things that I like or that I’m feeling, there are so many ways to express your personal identity in art. You can paint things that you’re interested in. You can draw the emotions you’re feeling. You can even use objects from your family’s history and put it into your art project, it’s part of you. I tend to use my favorite colors and draw my favorite animals. Expressing yourself is easy in art, don’t be scared to be yourself.
We did this project recently that was called linoleum block printmaking, an old fashioned printing technique. Quite honestly, I thought this was going to be stupid and not even turn out good, but I was wrong. This project was so much fun and it turned out great. The one great benefit you get from doing this old fashioned printing instead of digital prints is that you can make it original. It’s not just something you did real quick on the computer and printed out. It takes a lot of hard work. By the end, it’s meaningful to you; whereas with the digital print you’re proud but not really connected to it in a certain way. With the old fashioned technique you put a lot of time and effort into it. 

Art 1 was definitely an experience for me. I have had so much fun and have made so many new friends along the way. I’ve learned a ton of new techniques that I’ll carry with me throughout the rest of my life. You learn many, many things, but the one major thing I’ve learned is that you can’t be scared to try new things. You have to take a risk and explore, kind of like life. Art is all about being creative, trying new things, and expressing yourself.  

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