Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Artist of the Week: Hayleigh Macik

I made a pencil drawing of a calf that I photographed on a nearby dairy farm. I like to spend time with calves, feeding and taking care of them. I wanted to draw this calf because I enjoy making art about animals and nature. I like the way black and white drawings look, especially with animals.

Feeding Time (pencil)

Virginia Sunset
Throughout this painting I learned some new techniques.  I didn't have an order of how I painted.  First I did the sky and then I did the sun and mountains.  I got a layer of paint down and if I didn't like it I could just paint over it.  Next time I would make the sun smaller and a better blend of color.  The painting is important to me because I took the picture when I was on vacation with my family. 
Micrograph (marker)
My original photo expressed me because I was smiling. I try to be a happy person and smile even when I am not in a good mood. I used lots of my favorite song, quotes and hobbies in my work.  They all express who I am and strive to be. While doing this project I learned ways to write in different text to make different effects.I like how it turned out because it resembles the original photo and has some new characteristics.    
Deer Silhouette (watercolor)

The tittle I would give my watercolor is deer silhouette. I would call it that because I wanted the focal point to be the deer with a blend of colors around them.  I used watercolor to make a landscape of trees changing in the fall.  I wanted to paint a deer silhouette because I saw some cool artwork of animals online.  Along the way I used techniques like wet on wet, layered wash, lifting, fan brush, and crayon resist. I learned what techniques worked the best for what I was painting.  I learned to always start with the lighter colors when using watercolor.  

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