Saturday, November 21, 2015

Artist of the Week: Richard West

This drawing mainly branches from my odd sense of humor, and how the line Steal like an Artist out of context or apart from background information does sound genuinely funny.  I took a couple photos of my friend pretending to steal this book from the art room -- for the sense of irony. These wouldn't send, so I used a photo of me looking shady and added the book to it. The book itself was written by Austin Kleon and it has a lot of good points that I agree with in terms of plagiarism, the creative process, and the approach to creating. I think the drawing is a good representation of what the book stand for, because I'm "taking" the book and adding my own spin on it, via, a joke.  Overall I enjoyed working on it and I like how it turned out.
Steal Like an Artist (colored pencil)
Photo reference for Steal Like an Artist

Walk in the Fog (pencil)
While I do like admiring all forms of art, I do occasionally attempt to make it. Some reasons why would extend to expression or the sheer pride I feel when I make something that I put a lot of work, effort, and passion into. This specific project in question did turn out the way I expected, not as good as the original picture but not really bad, besides the fact that I did rush through it and I'm not the greatest at shading. But I am proud of it none the less, mainly because of how the tree turned out and the fog in the background looks. 
Console Wars (colored pencil and marker)

While I was jotting down ideas for an old and new combination I came across many like Ancient Egypt and Metal Gear, Man of Bat (long story) in caveman drawings, and Dr. Doom (mainly my profile picture) and the Sphinx. After a couple days I decided to mash up the "Console War" between the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis and the Civil War between the Union and the Confederates. I decided to go for a more cartoon-ish art style mainly because I didn't want to draw every soldier advanced detail otherwise it would take me far longer than it needed to. Overall I enjoy the idea in general and I really liked how the whole thing turned out.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Artist of the Week: Michaela Courtney

 I don’t like to make art -- I love to make art. Whenever I am painting something, it’s like I’m in my own world, and everything else around me fades away. I get obsessed. I never want to stop working on a piece. The bell that rings for second period is a stop sign in my mind. My first piece of art this year is a pencil drawing of an old record player. My dad brought it home to me one day and I instantly fell in love. Music is a passion of mine and nothing intrigues me more than something old or vintage. This piece is important and inspiring to me because it wraps up several of my passions into one piece.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Artist of the Week -- Felicity Tobbe

I love art because it gives me a chance to express myself and be myself. On the outside I'm quite and shy, but when I draw, I feel more loud in a way.  I can do anything or draw anything I choose in black and grey, but I'm trying to get better at everything and to step out of my comfort zones. 

I got the inspiration for this piece from Silent Hill.  It's probably one of my favorite movies.  I posed for a photograph and used that as the reference for the drawing.

For this drawing, I chose to put two things together that I love -- Chinese culture and tattoo designs. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Artmobile! -- Official vehicle of the Athens Artsfest

The Artsfest Club is putting the finishing touches on the Artmobile!  This vehicle is a golf cart donated by the Johnson Family. The fresh paint job was designed by Artsfest officers Kendra Felt and Sydney Liechty and art teacher Dr. Wales.  Artsfest Club members assisted in the painting.  Now the Artsfest staff can travel in style during the Artsfest activities.  Great job, Artsfest Club!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Artist of the Week -- Breanna Forrest

Chloe (pencil)

The drawing I did was of my dog Chloe. My dog inspired my artwork. I love taking photographs of Chloe. She is easy to take pictures of. This piece is important to me because she is my favorite animal that I have. Chloe is an eight-year-old Boston Terrier. She is a great dog that is why I chose to draw her. I make art for many reasons one of the reasons is because it is relaxing. I love to make art even if it is just a doodle on the side of my notes. Making art is also fun to me. I can draw whatever I want. I can express myself through my artwork.

Goddess (pencil & colored pencil)

For this drawing I came up with many ideas. I created a list of both modern and ancient. This drawing was complicated at first, but after I came up with a few ideas I knew what I wanted to draw. I decided to draw Marilyn Monroe as a Greek goddess. Before doing my picture I asked a peer if I should do some colored pencil in my drawing. I then decided to do all of the picture shaded, but make some in colored pencil. I practiced doing the red lips on a separate piece of paper. I did this so I could figure out what I wanted the lips to look. Those were the processes on how I came up with the idea of "Goddess." 

Fly High, Shasta (pencil & pastel)