Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Artist of the Week -- Bradley Talada

Dinner for Two by Bradley Talada

"What is art? It is a way of communication, inspiration, and a way to let ideas and thoughts out and express them. That's not the limit to what art can do.  It can be used to help others. For example, someone who is miserable or gloomy in life might make a darker feeling painting as a way to talk. Other artworks can be like a "blueprint" that brings ideas to life.  Finally, think about movies where the protagonist is in therapy and through a painting, they're able to talk about their past." 
"The reason I like art is that it’s like a dam. Your ideas are the water that builds up inside. Then you let the ideas “flow” onto paper, though it doesn’t always work like you envisioned it.  My drawing Dinner for Two didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, but it’s still good in my opinion. The reason why it didn’t turn out like I had hoped is because, one, it wasn’t completely proportionate to the photo, and the shades didn’t blend as I wanted them to. What inspired me to draw it? The art of others in my class, who had used ideas that reminded me of a dinner. When I saw a certain prop, this came to mind, so I drew it."  -Bradley Talada

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