Thursday, October 1, 2015

Artist of the Week: Ariana Gambrell

Zentangle Design by Ariana Gambrell
This week's featured artist is Ariana Gambrell.  She has several very creative and exceptional projects this year.  Her artist journal entries contain some interesting experiments and a mesmerizing Zentangle design.

This is the cover of Ariana's altered book/artist's journal.
Friday Night Sun Lights (acrylic) by Ariana Gambrell
"I like to make art because I can express how I feel, whether it's anger, joy, or I just feel like doing whatever I want. My artwork was not as good as I wish it had turned out. I could have done a much better job blending the sky colors together. I learned throughout this project that not everything has to look realistic. Sometimes abstract, non-blended work can look better than the realistic picture." - Ariana Gambrell
Ariana is our first live sketchnoter, taking these visual notes in history class.

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