Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Histories and Traditions

EQ:  How does knowing the histories and traditions of an art form help us to create works of art?
There are many different correct answers to this question.  Students captured a photographic image of a sunrise and sketched it out on canvas. However, before we started painting, we looked at examples of how Impressionists approached similar scenes.  If we got stumped along the way as to what colors to use or what paintings to use, we looked at how they were treated by Impressionists.  We also considered techniques traditionally used by painters such as alla prima, impasto, scumbling, drybrush, etc.

Below are some of the finished paintings, along with a brief paragraph by the student artist that answers the Essential Question.

Virginia Sunset by Hayleigh Macik

"When I looked through a book of some examples of art I found a new way to make my sunset. I used Impressionist art techniques to make the houses in my painting. The books showed that all art doesn't have to look exactly like what you see. Those artists inspired me to try a new technique. I'm glad I did because now I will use it in more of my artwork."  -Hayleigh Macik

Mother Nature's Art by Raegen Millard

"It helps us learn different techniques other artists used. It gives a different viewpoint. It gives us a knowledge of what we can do. It gives us inspiration in s something we might not usually have. It makes us ask questions about how we can improve."- Raegan Millard
Fireball of Life by Blake Parcell
"If you know how artists worked in the past, you can use that to your advantage. You can take those techniques to put your art together, or you could make new ways out of old ones. You could try to keep the tradition going by using their style -- or, if you wanted to, you could create a new tradition."  -Blake Parcell

Cape Cod Sunset on the Beach by Sarah Anthony
"Knowing histories and traditions of art has helped in many ways. We are able to go online and look up others' artwork for inspiration. This can help us look at newer ways to be creative. Also, you can do Google searches to look up some techniques. The histories of others have helped to give more and more people to look up artwork that inspires." -Sarah Anthony
The House of a Friend by Rachel Hutchison
"Creating art starts by getting inspired. Inspiration can come from history and traditions. History of an art form can give you insight on why that artist made his/her art, such as the era, location, or even time of day. Traditions help you further understand the background of the art form. Clothing, houses, and ethnicity contribute to traditions. Therefore, history and traditions help us create art by giving us information." -Rachel Hutchison

A Farmer's Sunset by Ed Solomon

"It helps us to create better pictures. We can look back to others' paintings to see how they represented something. For instance, if we couldn't figure out how to draw a tree, we could look at a couple other paintings to get an idea or how you could make a good tree. Or if you wanted to paint a certain scene and you could look at a painting of the same scene and learn from their style or interpretation of it. That's how the history of art helps us to create art." -Edward Solomon

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