Thursday, September 17, 2015

Artist of the Week: Blake Parcell

This week's featured artist is Blake Parcel (Art 1).

Students have options to choose from for homework assignments. They can sketch, take photographs, or do informal online research about artists and styles we're learning about in class. Every week, Blake Parcel brings several comic strips he has made that week.  This is what Blake has to say about his comic strips:

"The comic The Born Ninja that I am currently creating is about an average guy who gains special powers after being experimented on by scientists. He wants revenge, but must go through many tasks to strengthen this power he now has. He's on a quest to wipe out the entire enemy ecosystem, but he can't do it alone. He has to make alliances, and with alliances come sacrifices. He gradually loses power over time, so he has to keep refilling himself with the energy of revenge to get what he wants.

I've been adding to this comic since the fifth grade. My friend and I started drawing stories about a stick figure ninja. I liked the style and storyline and kept going with it. I probably have more than fifty pages done."

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