Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Essential about the Essential Question?

On the first day of class, students made quick sketches while taking notes of key concepts. Every unit is lesson is organized around an Essential Question (EQ). How did students make visual representations of that? Here are a few of the quick sketches students made to creatively illustrate a question that is "absolutely necessary; extremely important."

 Being able to answer the EQ is like...

...the light bulb coming on.
 ...having a way to organize what you're learning.
 ...a way to remember what is most important about a lesson.
 ...the nuts and bolts that keep a wheel on.
...a way to organize the individual facts and details of a lesson.
 ...a way to focus on the learning and not the distractions (like Slender Man).
 ...knowing the combination that opens a lock.
 ...the bait, without which you couldn't catch fish.

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