Monday, June 3, 2019

Artist of the Week -- Issabella Raborn

 My Lovely Art Thingies (Artist Statements)

First Shot and I Missed
This is the first time I made a pose-able doll.  I was scrolling through YouTube and saw there were tutorials on how to make them.  I watched about seven of them.  Some will show you the whole process -- others just the highlights. Different artists approach it differently. Some people create a wire armature and then wrap it with quilt batting and then add the fake fur on top. Some artists skip the quilt batting stage. After making the wire armature, I made the face out of Fimo clay. It took forever to mold. You bake it and let it cool to room temperature and then paint it.  This project was going good at the start but then later on went down hill. I didn't like how it turned out at all. However, the idea behind it was just to have fun and see what I can create and learn from creating it. I learned a few things. The goal was to try it out and try to find the things that I like doing, this is definitely one of them. I learned that the fur is a mess to deal with, the clay I used was a mistake because it was so hard and difficult to work with, the wire was super easy to shape and the batting was difficult to work with.

The picture above is my artwork Progress Will Bring Tears. It was my first ever “Realistic” drawing and first every drawing with shading. It's a grey/grayscale art piece that is of my top favorite flower, Dragon Rose. I created it by using Prismacolor art pencils, the process was just simple sketching then shading in and adding details. The big idea of my art was just drawing a Dragon Rose at the start, later on, in the drawing I had an emotional breakdown. Instead of trying to calm down I used it in my art, you can see by how the background isn't very blended and the flower on the right isn't very cared for. The goal for this piece was just to try out a different style and see what would happen, this art piece helped me reach that. I actually don't care much for my art piece but I learned some things from it. I learned new things about shading, I learned how mess it is. Most importantly I learned new ways to make my drawings look better or more realistic.

To make sure I dont stay in a plateau of art skill development, I'll keep doing what I'm working on and maybe spice things up by adding challenges and obstacles. My favorite art making apprach is just winging it 75% of the time. If I stay in the lines and do just what I'm taught I will not learn anything or gain much from it. Experimenting is what I do and its how I do most of my hands on projects. The goals I set up was: Finish the, project, keep it exciting, don't slack, be happy with your art style. In all my projects I've completed all my goals but being happy with my work, I always feel like I'm missing something but I know its just because I haven't I haven't gotten good at the things I'm doing yet. My goals for the future would be the same as always and I'll hopefully accept my work.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Artist of the Week -- Vegas Alfred

My first artwork wass a pencil drawing of a friend of mine holding a bunny. The bunny is very small in person but it was the main part in the image so I tried to make it look a little bit bigger than it was. My drawing was made by using multiple different types of pencils. Each pencil I used to help achieve a certain type of texture. For the blanket and bunny I used pencils that made it look fuzzy. The picture I made made my drawing from I took a while ago, it presents a kind of calm emotion because the bunny is sleeping so it feels like everything is still and calm.

My goal as an artist is to try and make the best possible art that I can. This drawing helped because I am very proud of it. I learned from this project that different pencils can be utilized to really get the outcome you want. This drawing turned out way better than I expected it to and I think I have grown a lot throughout this course.

The next project I made is I designed a few pages in my art journal. I tried a different concept on each page. I used a palette knife and paint brushes and paint to make and decorate the pages. On one page I used a palette knife to set a background color and then I drew a inspirational quote that I feel is very good to keep you going. On another page I decided to make my own inspirational quote from the words already on the page. The quote makes me feel very light on my feet and not as held down by any worries anymore so I painted balloons to show that feeling. I learned from making these few pages that there really is no limit on art and that inspirational quotes can really help a person one way or another.

The next project I made is this watercolor design. I made a central focal piece as a little rocket ship. I was going for the idea that we don't really know what's out in space and each shape I painted differently to show a new part of space we have yet to explore. I used multiple techniques on each section. One of my favorite ones was when you put a layer of water down and then add drops of color. The outcome is very pretty when you mix two colors. I made the focal point the rocket ship by designing the other shapes to look like its pointed at the ship. They all spiral in towards the center. I am not the best at watercolor painting and I want to avoid reaching a plateau by lean giving more with watercolors and having more experience with it. I want to make it a goal to do more watercolors next school year.


The final project I made this year was painting a birdhouse. It is painted to look like a pretty night sky. I painted the silhouette of mountains and hills all around the bottom to show how big the world is and how it goes on forever. The hills don't have a starting or ending spot. I also painted a small silhouette of a person walking along the hills. I intended for the birdhouse to have a more relaxed feel and to just be calming. I do want to do art over the summer and I plan to draw and paint at least a little bit each day. One of goals for the summer is to become better at realistic painting. Next year in art class I would like to be better at drawing and painting realistic things.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Senior Spotlight -- Ashtyn Allen

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” -Edgar Degas

Each artist has their own story or idea that they feel inspired to reveal to those willing to take the time and look. It does not have to be deep or political, it has to be something that means enough to that artist to share it with the world. My art is about the imagination. It shows creativity through unworldly means. My art showcases what I wish would be real. One of my personal favorites, the angel girl, is a character I have written about and imagined through words, but I decided that I could create her with art as well. I focus my art in mostly acrylics but plan to expand to other styles such as watercolor and colored pencil.


Here it is, the final product. I'll admit, I wanted to quit colored pencil and realism as soon as I started l, but I'm glad I was pushed to continue. I found to enjoy learning new techniques using colored pencil. My favorite part was finishing a part with colored pencil then painting over it with baby oil as a solvent and seeing the instant change of vibrancy in the colors. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep with realism, but I want to incorporate the use of shadows and light more in future works.

My most recent artworks, Oscar and The Widow , are an exploration in not only a different medium but also how light hits off certain objects and the gradients from light to dark. Both images were taken where a light source hit at different points creating highlights and shadows that I had to take into consideration. It also reveals the idea of taking an image and creating a story that a viewer can interpret in their own way. I love art, but I also love writing, so to incorporate an unwritten story in a piece of art makes this special to me. Instead of written word, I use each paint stroke, each color, each detail into an intertwining story that can be taken in different ways. When people think about my painting and my drawing, I want them to question the story behind each image and decide for themselves what its meaning is.

As every artist should, I feel that through these four years of art, I have progressed, changed, and grown. I have found new things I love and new things I hate. I've experienced with new mediums such as pastels, colored pencils (which I've found to be my favorite), and a variety of others. Throughout my time sitting in the art room, I've learned not just from Dr. Wales, but my peers and fellow artist friends. The people in this room become family where you can create memories, give advice and share the things we love with one another.

Art history is not only about reading an artist’s biography but about looking into their art, discovering the techniques, the mysteries, and inspiration during that time. When I was looking into my chosen artists, Henry Clive, Glenn Brown, and Konstantin Razumov, I looked for people that stood out to me whose art was unique to my owon. Henry Clive did a pinup style of painting of women for magazine covers for theatres. Glenn Brown took portraits and painted them using unique skintones. And Konstantin Razumov is an impressionist painter who focuses mostly on vintage looking women posing using vibrant colors and smooth textured skin. I would take these artists’ ideas to combine a piece of art that displayed a mix of their techniques. From my given artists, I have learned that every piece of art comes from inspiration that the artist deems fit to illustrate in their work which in turn inspires their audience, just as it inspired me. One thing I find myself struggling with is skin tones and finding correct coloring and shading. Glenn Brown, a British artist born in 1966, uses unnatural colors for skin tones such as blues and greens. I attempted them in a side project where I found it much easier to work with than the normal neutral tones.

Looking at my portfolio, my focus is more centered around a portrait style art with a mix of all kinds of media from watercolor to acrylic. Nearing the end of my highschool career, I found myself privy to colored pencils the most versus other mediums. Most of my creations started to become more colored pencil drawings as the year went on.

Beginning my artistic journey, I solely believed that acrylic was my favorite and best form of art until Dr. Wales showed me that there is more than just paint. He pushed me to try colored pencils with my work now known as “Oscar.” Although I was hesitant and hateful at first, I soon learned it was one of my favorite ways to create art. It also taught me a different way to layer colors to create depth, shadow and highlight in my works. Unlike acrylic, it's more difficult to blend and if a mistake is made, I can not just cover it up.

Sadly, my high school art career is ending, but soon my college art career will begin. I have signed myself up for a variety of art classes such as ceramics, digital art, and 2D art classes. Art has become a part of me, a hobby that I will continue to pursue in my future. When I get the money, I'd like to invest in a proper art studio where I will have my own ceramic wheel, kiln, and easels for paintings. Maybe when I'm old and retired, I can make a business of making a selling art.

Art has been used for centuries; From telling tales of history to illustrating abstract issues of today's society. It comes in many forms, styles, mediums, and inspiration that each artist individually creates their own unique style. These four years have taught me to expand, overcome, challenge and learn among the art community. As I move on in life, I will continue to do so in not just art, but in my career, personal goals, and relationships I encounter throughout life.

Senior Spotlight -- June Chilson

The benefit of learning about art history is that it allows us to understand where art comes from and how a lot of the various genres in art started to develop. The art history project I designed for myself was a mini "quiz buster" on the artist David Sylvester. I learned that the kind of art he created was similar to the type of art that I like doing.  Surrealism is art that looks real, but also has some unreal or impossible elements.  I was inspired to do something different by incorporating these techniques into my senior ceiling tile.  I was inspired to allow my senior tile to have a deeper meaning to it than just a depiction of an astronaut and scuba diver.  I wanted to incorporate the type of art I have done at school.  I left the scuba diver alone, but also added a squid arm that is pulling the diver deeper. Iadded the quote to resemble my artwork -- reaching out into the unforeseen to symbolize the things about art I still don't know about.  I also gave some shading to both the characters, but left them in a sort of comic book style so that it would add to the surrealistic vibe.

The art world is like its own little world. It can be competitive -- or not. I think it's a neutral ground because if you want to compete, you can.  If you want to show people your art or keep your artwork to yourself, it's still fine. The decision is completely up to you. I have been to the Endless Mountains Art Competition. I have also been to the Scholastics exhibit at the Arnot Art Museum.  I have also been to Mansfield University to see the Master and Grasshopper show.  These events have allowed me to learn more about the techniques these people have used and how they elevated that technique in a better way.  It also gives inspiration for others to create something completely their own.

I have particiopated the ArtsFest and Arts4All festivals since middle school. I have helped by handing out fliers, having my commercial from digital media class aired, and played with the high school band and orchestra along with face painting one year.  I have entered the Endless Mountains art competitions, Scholastics, the Arts4All, the Apple & Cheese festival, and the Troy Fair. If there is one thing I learned from entering is that it does feel good to get an award, but from my perspective, winning isn't everything. I just do art simply because it is one of the things I honestly enjoy doing. The benefit of winning for me is mostly publicity, and even when I don't win, I like just having people see my artwork.

My style has a bit of a goth vibe to it. It consists of both realism and surrealism. What I have discovered is that I am really good at skulls.  I am able to render them in charcoal and p[encil. It hleped me get better at shading and drawing things from obscure or difficult angles.

My art goals for the future is to keep making art whether I use it in a career or not.  Over the summer, I will be working on making paintings and crafts and in November I will be selling these at the Spaulding Memorial Library. I'd like to get a job and get some money and then look into my options. I've been offered an apprenticeship for the Electric Zombie, and if I am serious about it, I can advance further by going to art school. I also have an offer to be an assistant at a Photography business.I might possibly advance in that career by going to college and getting my bachelor's degree. 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Artist of the Week -- Gianna Goodwin

My assemblage is called Concept of Beauty. It  has makeup painted on the doll face, broken mirrors, symbols from social media, and tears. The concept of beauty isn't "black and white" -- but has many variations and different ideas of what "beautiful" really is. Often the expectations suggested by media makes people sad, distressted, and depressed when they feel like they don't fit that hard-to-reach standard of "beauty". The concept makes people disconnect and try to find ways to appear more attractive. The influence of social media makes them feel as if they're falling apart or never going to be perfect.

My artwork represents peoples' feelings on their view of themselves and how wrapped up they are in how they look so they can fit that "perfect" image on social media. The twine around the box showed being strapped in to social media and how that makes it hard to escape back into reality. The broken mirror and tears represent the sadness, fear, and brokenness of not being able to be good enough.

I was inspired to do this piece because, like many others, I have felt the pressures of social media to be the perfect person, leaving me to feel like I wasn't enough. Making yourself open to everyon'es judgemnt and the media telling you to be perfect is bad. Your thoughts about yourself and how you view yourself make it a personal and social issue. I tried to show depress and sadness in my work because these are the emotions I've seen people go through while  looking at social media and trying to be perfect. One of my goals as an artist is to open people's eyes to the insidious side of social media and the deeper parts of self-reflection. You don't have to fit that perfect idea of "beautiful" -- and you don't have to look, act, or be like someone you see on social media to be perfect. All you have to do is to be yourself and find self-love. I feel like I achieved my goal on this piece because it leaves the viewer to think about their lives and what they take from the art. 

In making this piece, I learned to look over my life more and how I view myself. Although I thought it would be different when I was planning it, I'm more satisfied that I thought I would be. This piece will influence my other artworks in the future that have to do with the concept of beauty by letting me think back on how I felt while making it and reflect on what Beauty truly is.

My next assemblage was called "What is Beauty?" I made three faces out of clay.  I made one beautiful face in the center. On the window I wrote negative personality traits showing that though the external was pretty, it was actually an ugly person. The other two are actually beautiful because they have good traits and they're kind -- even if their faces don't measure up to what people call "beautiful".

 This assemblage has a head with two faces. The head hangs from a string so that it rotates. You see one face or the other, or sometimes a little of each. It means that there is not one race or facial type that is better than the others and the stress we put on ourselves trying to measure up to an ideal.

My painting is called The Bright Side. I was inspired when I saw my friend Anthony put a paintbrush behind his ear. It symbolizes how art can help you look for the bright side in dark times.


Thursday, April 18, 2019

Artist of the Week -- Devin Klawonn

I am still a young artist, getting better and better every day. This is one of the many drawings that I draw to show my strong interest in wolves, and this is the best drawing so far. I had to make sure I added enough details to really make it stand out. I've been drawing wolves since the age of 15, and have improved greatly over the years. This may be a really good drawing, but I can do better. I look forward to improve on my techniques, my ideas, my vivid imagination, and my focusing skills, so that I reach my goals as an artist. I should quit wasting time watching TV and focus on practicing my drawings. Two more things that would help if I were to find more artists who inspire me and ask them a lot of questions. I want to animate, so I follow animators on Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channels. So yeah, I may be a good artist, but I still have some room to improve on some skills.


 This comic started with a role play between a few friends. As I was going along, we just started creating my story. There is actually more to this story than what is shown here.  It tells the story of a wolf from the age of five to thirty.  In this scene he is battling a demonic robot.  I learned from doing this that making comics takes some time and practice.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Artist of the Week -- Divine Simbajon

I am Divine Simbajon.  I am not totally an artist, because my art isn't perfect.  I have to practice more because I want to become a real artist. It was hard for me at first, because I had never taken an art class before. My first painting was a unicorn. I tried my best and I did it! It wasn't perfect, but I know that soon I will make make things perfectly!  It is nice to paint and create art if you have inspiration, confidence, and are not afraid to try new things. 

1st acrylic painting
I painted the unicorn because the first time I saw it, it mesmerized me. For me, it has a deep meaning, to explore the things in life that boost your confidence and follow your desir
e. At the end of your life, it's just like a unicorn that is full of colors. Just always think positive!

2nd acrylic painting
3rd acrylic painting
 I made some colored pencil drawings. I look for things that are cute and seem simple to draw. It is sometimes hard to get the values right, and to make the colors smooth. My second drawing was a bird and I was happy because I made it fine. I combined the colors better, thanks to the color wheel.  Sometimes I watch YouTube videos about how to use colored pencils and how to combine and mix the colors that suit your art. The video taught me that you have to follow the color wheel and if it's dark, you have to mix it with other colors to make it dark, darker, and darkest. If it's light, you have to mix it with lighter colors to make it lighter then lightest. I followed that advice, and this is the result. I'm happy because my work is pretty close to the original image. I had to practice and practice until I got this perfectly.