Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Isaiah Chadwick

In this piece my biggest objective was forming a meaning without saying it through words. The two individuals are a couple. The butterfly resembles hope, hope between the two of them. The rest of the piece just happened without me “planning” it. The colors were in a range fro green around to red. Which are the colors this couple admired most. I used reference pictures of butterflies and focused on the unique patterns and shapes that exists in the butterflies wings. That being said the uniqueness is suppose to be related to how “unique” it is to find someone that you love.

 I’m an Explorer, Conjurer, and Drafts Person. I like to try new things. I like to change an image or piece of work and make it better. I’m also an eye to eye to the world. During this piece of work I was an Explorer. I created a collage with a bunch of different songs from a bunch of medieval song writers. I also modernized it with some rappers I listen to now. I chose the category Explorer because I’ve never made a collage so trying something new is always the best idea for an artist. Finding your specialty at anything is the best, and having new skills to try and apply will show your specialty.

I used placement with the different composers. Then I’m going to use color to modernize it with some of the medieval music composers. The modern artists that i used are rappers that can show a style much cooler and more popish.

          This piece of art is based on what I like to do. I’ve created a type of riding that people don’t dare to try when I ask. This watercolor painting is a new style that I used to express a story. The story is how a boy climbed every hill and conquered it all the way down to the bottom and didn’t again and again. This watercolor painting is a new style that I have found in art. My goal is to find a new style each year and to at least try is to become a pro in it. I want to find my hotspot in art. I will admit that my watercolor techniques need improvement. Back to the painting, it was suppose to be about me, the Scooter-Boy. I used line to point out where everything ties in. the top view shows the top of the hill. The person, me, walking up the road is way showing me conquering the hill. The scooter shows my hobby in what I like to do. One last thing, yet not that detailed is the appearance I show. I dress like a city boy and act like one too, but I have a little bit of country in me too. The country resembles my country side and my clothes and scooter resemble my city side.       

My Inquiry Project is a series of different drawings with a picture within a picture. I want to improve at describing who I am through artwork. My essential question is, how can I take an image and place it into another image? The most useful resource I found so far are videos and pictures. Some videos included taking pictures and placing another image inside. Some pictures I found on Google from VANS. An important term I have discovered is vanishing point, which means parallel lines viewed in perspective graph. How that relates to my project is on the ceiling of my Volcom the lines will eventually end up together, yet it goes into a different direction. Below is a photograph of my work of art in progress.

In this series of pieces of me doing tricks on my scooter I used a medium of colored pencils. Drawing is my strongest area, yet I’m trying new mediums to see if I succeed in any way. And with the process of Inquiry helped me learn how to take a main image and put another inside it. For example I put an image of me doing a trick into the Vans, Volvo, and Lucky logos. The theme of the series I have doing in this would be about me. One I like to ride scooters. Two I have favorite companies and brands.

This piece resembles a 2017 H2R Kawasaki motorcycle. I used acrylic and felt a good feeling using it. I'm still going to explore to see if there is a stronger area. The question that I asked myself is, what would my stepdad like? This was for him. Now I chose this type of picture for the shading and light vs. dark concept. Using the color wheel as well was used inside with a little tint of blues. I learned that what you see isn’t always what you think should be there. I saw a white and I thought white, but I used a blue to helped contrast the white and black.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Pela Baglini

The artwork I’ve created is a pencil drawing of a flower. I’m calling it All in Bloom. Because when this photo was taken, all of the flowers around it were blooming and every flower was fully in bloom. The main focus of the drawing is the flower in the center. The leaves in the background and around the flower set the scenery but still keep the focus on the flower. I used a smudging technique for the background so it all blended together and so there wouldn’t be any harsh lines. I contrasted extremely dark with extremely light colors. My goals for this artwork were to become better at shading.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Ceramic Artist of the Week -- Erin Jacoski

I made a log with mushrooms surrounding it and a pathway along with a miniature mushroom house. I was inspired by fairy gardens and wanted my log to be a planter. My plan was to put a plate on the bottom and fill the log with dirt and plant grass. Once the grass was grown I placed the miniature house on top.
    I began making several sketches of the log. I wedged some brown clay and used the slab roller to make a large soft slab. Then I used a metal rib to make it smooth and then cut out a rectangle. I then took a piece of tree bark and pressed it against the clay to make the rectangle look like wood. Then I wrapped the slab around a paper towel roll, covered in plastic bags and wet paper towel, that was 5 inches in diameter. Then I used slip and score in order to connect the 2 edges. While I waited for the log to become leather hard, I began sculpting the mushrooms. I wedged some brown clay and used a wood knife to and a needle tool to sculpt the mushrooms. Then I used slip and score to attach the mushrooms to the log and blended the clay into the log. Then I wedged some more clay and rolled it out into a somewhat thin strip. Then I used the metal  rib to make one edge extremely thin. Then I used slip and score to attach it around the log. I also used a coil on the underneath and smoothed it out to better attach the pathway. Then I took it off of the paper towel and let it get bone dry. Then I bisque fired it. Then I used a brown glaze with crystals in it for the wood, dark blue for the mushroom heads and clear on the rest. Then I did a glaze fire to get my final product.
One element I used was form. I sculpted the mushrooms to look like mushrooms and the log cylindrical to be realistic. Another element I used was texture. I found bark from a tree in order to give the log a realistic texture. I used the principle of movement with my placement of the mushroom and the flow of the path. I also used repetition with each mushroom getting slightly higher.
I was inspired by fairy garden and mushroom houses and because of that, I tried to give my log a more whimsical feeling. One of my goals was to make it strangely realistic but just off enough to wonder why it was so planned out. I think I reached this by making everything as realistic looking as possible, but putting it in a pattern that is more whimsical and makes you question how it got there.
I am happy with how my project turned out. It ended up being more realistic than I expected and I'm really happy with that. I also like how thin and organic I was able to make the path and the shape of the mushrooms. I'm also happy that I was decided to get bark for the texture because it made it more realistic and I didn't like any other texture options at the school. I do wish that the glazes I used were tested more so I could have know what each glaze looked like by themselves to better plan out the color scheme.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Ashtyn Allen

The Storyteller (Collage)

When it comes to art, there are many different media an artist can choose from. But there are also different kinds of artists. For myself, I would say I’m a storyteller. Each of my works have something to do with an experience I’ve gone through or a part of me that I share through my art. To me, behind each stroke holds a piece of a larger story.

Elements and principles have been used by artists for millennia to attract the eyes of their audience in different ways. For example, line can be used to ddraw a path for the viewer to follow throughout the artwork. In my collage, I was able to use line to catch the eye and point towards the focal point, the Mike and Ike piece. Also, I chose similar patterns and colors to bring unity to my piece.
For my photo of a wintery sunset, I showed movement throughout the photo due to the river flowing one way. My next photo of encased butterflies stresses the element of color because brighter colors in most of the picture with spots of contrast such as the brown butterfly. In the last one with a bead in focus, it showcases the rhythm of the pattern underneath the bead.


There are many misconceptions about art, especially in today’s society. One major misconception that I see a lot in the artworld is that a piece of work must please everyone. That is unreasonable. Every one person has a specific type of art that intrigues them over any other. To be an artist, you need to understand that there will be people who don’t like your work as much as others, but that isn’t because the art is bad, but the preference of the viewer. I’ve learned to accept criticism and avoid growing frustrated with those giving me tips.

Currently, my work lacks a theme, but my most recent work, the painting of a girl with wings, could be part of a theme surrounding the characters in the book I’ve been writing. For example, my next piece could be the other main characters that join the girl on her journey.  

While painting my latest work of the girl with wings, there were points of trial and error. For the majority of my time creating it, I was trying to figure out how to efficiently mix the skin tone, but through many inaccurate concoctions, I finally mixed the right tone. I also struggled with making the concrete texture. To make an uneven concrete texture, I attempted using a pallet knife, which only ended with an unwanted result. From there, I learned a better way to properly achieve the concrete texture using a small spray bottle.  
Taking Off (acrylic)

Roller Skate (ceramics)
This skate is both a combination of my love for everything vintage and my childhood memories of rollerskating every weekend when I was a kid.

Fairy House (ceramics sculpture)
                The creation of the fairy house was based on my idea of what a fairy's home would look like if a little pixie were to live in it.
To Give Your Heart (ceramics sculpture)

The heart in the hand represents unrequited love and how the heart and love is yet to be taken.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Field trip to Arnot Art Museum

Today we took a field trip to the Arnot Art Museum to see the permanent collection and award winning works of art by high school students from both the regional and national winners of the Scholastic Art Awards.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Taylor Lefever

This drawing means a lot to me since it is based off what my uncle says to me. He tells me that someday I can be as free as a wolf. I think he is right and I want to fight for that. I’m so used to people telling me I am terrible at drawing. I say to them that they are just jealous of my skills. This drawing also expresses the idea of never letting anyone ruin your dreams. They don’t know what it is like to achieve something so great in life. Wolves are a signal of freedom, like an eagle, they are always roaming free. Our dreams, achievements, and self expression should be like a wolf, free to do anything possible.


For my watercolor painting, I used a girl with the top part of her head “missing” but I used lots of watercolor techniques like, sponge, graded wash, dry brush, toothbrush, salt, and wet on wet. I believe the dominant elements of design in my painting are color,and line. The principles of design that are shown in my painting are contrast and movement. I used lots of different bright and dark colors. It shows line because I used lots of curved and straight lines. I picked the techniques I did because the way they made the painting look more complete and more colorful. I used the sponge, toothbrush, and wet on wet on the top of the painting. I used graded wash on the middle bringing the shirt out, salt on spots of the painting like lettering and dusted in random places. I used drybrush for the background. I wanted to make my drawing look chaotic because sometimes I feel all mixed up. 


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Makenna Galvin

I drew a grid drawing based off of a picture of a lily that I took outside at my house. I was looking for a picture to take that I could do the drawing on. I decided I wanted to draw a flower so I took pictures of different flowers around my house. I decided on this one because it was the best out of the ones I took. I liked since you could see the raindrops really well and it was a close up picture that showed the detail well. It’s called Rain Drops because I took it a while after it rained and the flower had rain drops on it. The media I used was pencil. I used a value scale to see the lightness and darknesses of the pencils. This drawing helped me learn how to draw, shade, and blend better. My goals for this artwork was to have it look really realistic and be shaded really well. This will influence my future artworks since I learned different helpful techniques.

    I carved a picture of my dog named Ivy. I have had her for four years now. When I took this picture she was watching turkeys while I was sitting with her on our deck. The emotion of the picture is loyalty because your dog is always loyal to you and does not  want to let you down. In this picture she is being watchful. It symbolizes that dogs want to be loyal to their owners and the people that they care about. They want to look out for you and protect you because they care about you.

    I painted a picture of mountains using watercolor. I used many different watercolor techniques including graded wash, blotting, salt, dry brush, flat wash and scratching. I used them to make certain things look like they have texture and to show they are in different lighting. I also used them to show the distance in between objects. I used rhythm in the mountains because in copied the same shape multiple times. Movement is used with the path in the picture. It draws your eyes up towards the mountains. The mountains are shapes in the picture. Value is in the mountains where there is graded wash that starts dark on the outsides and gets lighter in the middle. I used texture techniques in the mountains to make them look rocky and more bumpy. I used space and made the mountains darker in the front and lighter in the back to show the depth in the scene.