Monday, April 23, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Tom Bussom

I wanted my picture to look colorful and random, a little bit outta this world like something you just don’t see outside of art. The subject matter is an alien throwing up the peace sign cause we don’t have aliens here. The title is Deep Space Swagger. The most obvious elements of art I used are shape, color, value, and space. For shapes I have a peace sign/ yin yang that's a circle, slice of pizza that is a triangle, a diamond on his shirt, rectangle dollar bill with a rhombus on it, triangle Illuminati symbol in a sun, oval spaceship, and stars. For color I used different shades of orange, yellow, blue, and green, and I added value with the background and sun by putting a blue background and using the spray paint tool to put light and dark black lines to make a spacey look and making the sun brighter orange towards the middle and darker on the outside. I used space by putting the alien closer in the picture than everything else and spacing out the colors like orange on top meant I needed put some more in the middle or bottom and I tried doing that with any colors I used so it looked more vivid or colorful.

Deep Space Swagger (digital)
The medium I used was digital. I drew it, then transferred it to Photoshop and used that to color it. I was inspired by Maddie Smith's elephant picture cause I like how she used color and value in the background, Stephen Decker's yin yang picture because I like how he took the contrast of white and black further with his own taste, and I was also inspired by some trippy pictures I saw on google. I tried to express the unknown. I made it in space cause there is so much we have not explored still, illuminatti sign because its conspiracy, and the alien cause conspiracy since I do not think we have seen any yet. I put positivity in my work by drawing the alien smiling, throwing up the peace sign, and the pizza is in there cause pizza is one of my favorite foods. My goals as an artist are to keep getting better and more creative. This piece definitely helped me reach my goals, because it came out even better than i wanted to and I got an Artsfest award last year. That was a boost to my self-esteem as an artist. I learned how to use Photoshop to edit and color my drawings on the mac creating this piece. This piece is gonna influence me in the future because I just keep getting better and this pictures proves it to myself since I am my own biggest critique.
Beast Mode (digital)
I wanted my picture to look abstract and spacey. The subject matter is a one-eyed creature in the middle that has a vortex of sorts in his mouth with people in it. The title of this picture is Beast Mode. The most obvious elements of art I used are color, value, shape, form, and space. The medium I used was digital. I drew it with pencil, traced it in sharpie, scanned it, and used to Photoshop to color the picture. I’ve always liked abstract pictures like this with a bunch of stuff in it because the longer you look, the more things you notice, and I’ve also always favored space as a background in my pictures. This picture is meant to express my imagination. When I look at the picture, it makes me feel like a happy dreamer but that might just be me since I made it. My goal as an artist is to keep getting better. This piece helped me reach my goal because I think its better than my Deep Space Swagger picture. I learned that patience is a virtue and that i’m only getting better. The final piece is even better than I imagined because I started with the big eye in the middle then just kept adding stuff that I thought would look cool. This piece will influence me to keep striving to become an even better artist because that’s my goal and I’m confident enough in myself.

Free Thought (colored pencil)
Notebook sketches

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Haley Barry

    Hello, I’m Haley Barry, an artist in high school. Art isn’t just a teacher telling you what to draw, and what to do. Art is a passion, a given, and it gives you life. Without art, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and it’s always an important role in society. That’s exactly why I’m taking art; to experiment or play around with my ideas, and put them on paper. In art that’s called a jester. Now that you know me, let’s get to know my art, and explain how I made it, and how to make it.
    I never knew how to organize my art work until I was a freshman. I would just slap some stuff together and call it good. Now I know and completely understand the Elements and Principles of Art,  and my artwork is finally organized. You simply think of what you want to draw, paint, and etc. Think of how you can apply color, line, value, texture, space, shape, and form. While working, think to yourself how you can use balance, movement, contrast, emphasis, pattern, unity, and rhythm. Also think of isolation, subordination of accessories, organization of accessories, arrangement of lines, adjustment of value, and placement. This all makes you more organized by getting you to think about the meaning of your art, and to make its appearance excellent to the eye. Here's a few examples.   

Sunset (photograph)

The sunset photograph above is an example of color and adjustment of value. The colors are very vibrant in this picture along with the way it shows the lightness and darkness.

This is an example of isolation because it's focused on one main object. Also it uses texture because you can see the texture of the shell.

Lastly this is an example of arrangement of lines. The entrance log house is leading right to my little cousin. Also it uses varies amounts of color.


Finally, this is my collage, my piece of art. I used balance because I balanced the colors blue and pink. My main point is the tree. All theses colors and texture make the shapes the way they are. My collage is mostly random and was just a fun project to do.

Sometimes you can get frustrated with your artwork. Always remember to stick with it and never quit. Keep trying new things just like I did in that collage. If you think something is amazing, then it really is.

         I learned many different techniques from books, articles, and videos to create this wonderful painting I call “Shell.” This is from an original photo I took at the beach. All the colors in this made my painting more majestic and here’s why.
        When planning a work of art, you have to use your own knowledge and knowledge coming from someone else. Experimenting with watercolor was my first step in creating my painting. Everything just starts coming together in the final copy. I just had fun with trying new things.
I painted this in watercolor because all the swirls and bright colors would blend together nicely. That’s exactly what happened, and it turned out just how I wanted it. I experimented with this painting from things I already knew, and things I learned.“Shell,” uses colors, lines, and emphasis.
There are many different bright colors in this painting such as purples, oranges, pinks, reds, greys, blues, and yellows. I first brushed water and lightly put base colors on top of that base of water. Then I mixed, blended, and created colors of my own to get it how I wanted it.
Next, I created many simple lines that were on the shell. I did all this after I had the simple base layer down, then I just started making swirls of darker lines. These lines all lead to a point on the shell; such as the bottom of the shell or the little curve points that are on the top and middle of it.
If you’re looking at the painting, all you notice is big shell. The shell is the focal point because it is bigger and brighter than the rest of the other details. The light, faded background makes the shell stand out even more, which is called emphasis.

Every time I look at this picture I think of the good times I had at the beach. We were walking along a private beach in, North Carolina to a castle that’s along the beach when I found the shell. It’s amazing how you can tell everything you have done the whole day just by looking at a picture. I was happy and had no worries. Why? Because life is always better at the beach.

My next inquiry project is a pencil drawing. I wanted to improve on my shading, and make my drawings look more realistic. In order to do this, I had to look at books, articles, and videos to find new terms I could apply to my artwork. I asked myself “ How can I apply pencil techniques to my drawing.” I stuck with that essential question when making my drawing. The most important resource is highlight, and it’s also an important term I just learned. Highlight is when a light source directly hits an object. My drawing is a picture of my dog Carley. The light source is coming from the door directly behind her. It helps knowing where to shade lightly and where I should shade more dark. Below is a photograph of my work in progress.

Some misconceptions about art is that everything has to look real, and everything has to be neat in the same order. Art is everywhere in different mediums and forms. As an artist you don’t only have to practice realism; you can do whatever you are comfortable doing or what you’re good at. The reality of being an artist is hard. There are many good art pieces out there and you might think yours isn’t good enough. If you are doing your best and it doesn’t turn out how you want, you have to just move on and start a new. The best thing to do is learn from your mistakes and get better at what you’re trying to do.
    My inquiry question for my dog drawing was “How can I apply pencil techniques to my drawing?” I read books, articles, and watched a video of how I could answer my question. I learned that when drawing hair, use fine lines and very lightly shade to blend the hair and that highlight is the when the light source directly hits an object. Also the core tone is the darkest area of a shaded object. I used all of the things I learned in my drawing by practicing them and then seeing where I could apply it. I used highlight a lot and core tone. Those were the most important because I have to get the right shading to make it realistic.  

Acrylic Painting

    Monet never used black. I recently started working on an acrylic painting and I haven’t used black. When you mix black with other colors, it creates a duel, darker color. If you look closely to the color of things you will notice that it’s not just black; it is a mixture of browns, purples, etc. When I am painting my flowers, instead of using black, I used purple because of the color theory. This made me aware of what colors are actually present instead of instantly resorting to just black.


It all started as an idea. I needed to think of something to paint or draw. I’ve never done acrylic that much and I saw a fellow students acrylic artwork of flowers. I was inspired instantly and found a picture I took of roses. I thought the vibrant colors would all come together in an acrylic painting and I was definitely right.
    I asked myself “ How can I learn more acrylic techniques to make flowers?” I looked at a few books and learned that there are many textures you can accomplish with acrylic due to adding many layers of paint. Then I watched some videos on youtube to look at the process it took to create a flower in acrylic paint. Lastly, I read an article on why you use base layers. After I did all this research, I practiced in my artist journal. I wanted to go for a more abstract looking flower, instead of always focusing on realistic looking things. When I was practicing in my journal I didn’t know where to really start.
When reading the articles and books and even watching youtube videos, I picked up some key techniques. In order to achieve the desired color you have to use a base coat and stack on layers. Then you have to blend it all together gradually. The acrylic paint can cure, which is when it’s drying, but not fully dried yet. Follow your flow medium, which is when you add paint to increase the flow consistency. Lastly look at your painting as a “big look” which is looking at the painting as a whole.  Those are the steps I followed.
I knew I could accomplish my first official acrylic painting because I know I can stick to learning and doing new things. This all started from being inspired. Even though I took some risks, it’s what made the painting how it is.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Lea Schoen

My name is Lea Schoen, I am sixteen years old and a foreign exchange student from Austria, a small country in Europe right beneath Germany. I am here since the first of February and will leave after this school year to graduate from school in my home country. I am here because my father moved here and I took the opportunity to experience life and especially school here in the United States.

In my artwork a yellow, red, orange and pink flower can be seen on a blue and green background. It does not have a title because I could not think of words that could describe it good enough. The artwork is drawn with coloured pencils and finished with baby oil as a solvent to give it a smoother and more realistic looking texture. In this picture I tried to show how breathtakingly beautiful nature can be, in this case especially if a person looks close and concentrates on one single detail. This piece helped me show that art looks a lot better if I take my time and look closer. It also helped me get better with coloured pencils because I have never really taken my time to learn about this medium. This artwork looks just like I had imagined after I was done, even though I had some concerns during the process that it would not look good.


In this picture I tried to create an image of a galaxy with markers and rubbing alcohol. It did not really worked out like I hoped it would, but I tried to make it better by adding stars with white acrylic paint. During this process I realised what an amazing background it would be for a picture of the TARDIS from the TV series Doctor Who, so i painted the TARDIS on it with acrylic paint. Now it looks exactly like an image from the TV show and I think I did a good job picturing the emotions and ideas the show tries to show.

Between the TARDIS and the flower I drew a picture of a sunset using soft pastels and a workable fixatif to keep it from smudging. In this painting I tried to show the different colours of light produced by a sunset over the ocean. It conveys a calming and reassuring emotion and I have the feeling that this picture says “Everything will be okay”. I did this painting because I wanted to learn more about pastels and tried to draw a picture completely without the colour black and i think the outcome is amazing.

I painted this birdhouse with the colors that symbolize spring and happiness for me. I wanted to make the roof something special and colorful and to keep the walls rather simple, that is the reason why the body of the birdhouse is simple and plain and the top is bright yellow with colorful flowers. It reminds me a bit about the flower power and hippie era and I think that is quite fitting for a home for a bird.

I call this artwork “The Statue”, it is a pen and ink drawing and it took me more than three weeks to finish it. I find this technique quite fascinating because it only uses one color and the artist has to find out how to draw the lines in each section so that it looks realistic. In my opinion it conveys a feeling of waiting for someone because the statue looks like he is waiting for his love to return to him. While creating this artwork I tried to bring attention to the small details and how they all together make one big picture.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Meghan Porter

My painting is titled The Beautiful Flower.  It's the best painting I've done.  First, I drew the outline of the flower. I started adding color to the petals and layered other colors on top of them.  Some areas have thick impasto technique, with other colors scumbled over top.  The big idea behind it is my love for flowers.  I want people who look at it to notice the beauty of nature. My goal was to get the colors combined well.  My overall thoughts are that it turned out good.  What I learned most was to add more color to the lighter colors for more texture and variety.  I learned to use a variety of colors and take my time. Doing well on this painting gives me confidence to try another large canvas. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Field Trip to Endless Mountains Youth Art Show

Today art students took a field trip to the reception and award ceremony for the Endless Mountains Youth Art Show.  Art students from four high schools were there and viewed the artwork.  They also participated in critiques, pairing up with someone from another school.  After the awards were given out, student made "Artist Trading Cards" -- miniature masterpieces to trade with another artist.

After the program was over, Athens kids took a quick whirlwind tour of the art studios at Mansfield University, and took in the show that is in the Loomis Gallery on campus.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing and shoes

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and indoor

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and indoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, shoes and indoor

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

AAHS Students recognized in regional art competition

Several Athens Area High School students were recently recognized in a recent competition sponsored by the Gmeiner Art & Cutlural Center in Wellsboro, PA. In January, the art center presented a call for entries to its annual Youth Art Competition.  The competition was open to all 7th-12th grade students from Bradford, Tioga, and Potter Counties.  Submissions were juried and selected by a committee of artists from the Gmeiner. Selections were based on quality, presentation, and proper application format. All artwork submitted was required to be original, the artists’ own work and imagination.  The judges stated that they were looking for “original, masterfully completed works inspired by school assignments.”

1st place:  Gustine Brown Inner Conflict

2nd place:  Jeffrey Reagen Lockdown

3rd place:  Carlie Simpson Calf

3D Art
1st place:  Sophia Ellis Set

1st place:  Basil E Bacorn Order 1521608

2nd place:  Ariana Gambrell Dad

3rd place:  Donna Cardona’s CXC: The Nomad

2nd place-  Summer Eldridge Modern Day Rosie

Digital Art
1st place:  Rhonin Bishop Peace

2nd place:  Lucas Aquilio Spaz Commander

3rd place:  Cheyenne Hoffman-Thompson Coming Ashore

1st place: . Selkie Bishop Full of Grace

2nd place Raegen Millard For Grandma

3 Jillian Lee Resilience 

$100 Nicole Dean for her Altered Book journal