Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Jeffrey Freeman

Unwrapping the Ink (pen and ink)

For my art project I drew a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar that has a large bite taken out. If I had to give it a title I would pick Unwrapping the Ink. I did a chocolate bar because it is something that everyone can recognize, if someone sees the picture then they may crave a chocolate bar or have good memories of eating one.
I started by taking a picture of a chocolate bar with my phone, then I printed out the picture and created a graph to transfer it onto a larger piece of paper by pencil. The majority of my drawing was done with a pen using cross hatching and for the really dark parts I used a paintbrush to fill the ink all the way in.
I drew a chocolate bar because I saw how simple it looked but also how pleasant it was to see the smooth brown texture. It’s just supposed to catch the eye with the look of uniqueness that the pen makes.
My main goal for my picture was to make it look as real as I could get it with the pen and ink. Another goal that I developed halfway through creating it was to improve my skills with a nib pen and I feel like I accomplished it.
             Overall I feel that my artwork turned out better than I thought it would. It was huge challenge at first because I’ve never used pen and ink but I felt like I needed to learn. On the rest of my art projects I will try to take more time and care into preparing everything perfectly so that I can keep improving. You could say I unwrapped the challenges I faced using a pen and learned to “eat it” without effort in the end.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Zachary Pruyne

My style of work, unfortunate to me, is very cartoony. I guess it's not uncommon for an artist to be dissatisfied with their own work. I'm not disappointed in what I've made, it's just not the style I've always envisioned. Now, if I had enough skill and time and patience and an endless supply of mechanical pencils, I might get what I want out of myself. But since I'm short on all those, I guess I'm stuck with it.

I fancy myself as the writer type.  I could describe everything there is to my story, but to me, thoughts are best expressed visually.

The story of my comic revolves around a future tech in an old world, like King Arthur meets Steampunk meets Frankenstein's monster. In this comic, I focus on my character Holland who time travels with Saul, a king who shares his power with him.  They are accompanied by the controller on the side of Evil, Matilda and the treasurer they hired as one of their four interns and Isaiah. He is kind of like a pet, but has human qualities.  He's used primarily as a deus ex machine if I need to. 

The theme and meaning behind Evil in Time is to showcase many of the crappy things humanity has done to each other in the past and present, in our time zone, as well as what we have learned from our mistakes.   My goal isn't to make a masterpiece that can be admired by abstract thought. I wanted to tell a story straight forward and hopefully teach some peace. The comic to me is more of something to be read and understood rather than a picture to be hung up on the fridge. I apply my own morals to what may be right in hopes people become a less angry entity. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

AAHS Visits Art Museum and Corning Community College

Art students from AAHS took a field trip to the Arnot Art Museum today.  Students viewed the exhibition of winning student drawings from the Scholastic Art Award competition.  They were also able to view artworks from the museum's permanent collection.  After touring the art museum, students visited the ceramics studio and painting studio at Corning Community College. We hope that they were inspired to take their art to the next level during the coming year, and to begin thinking about their own goals for higher education.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Brian Campbell

Branching Landscape

My artwork is a duck snake that is wrapped around a lot of tree branches and there are two trees on both sides of the duck snake. The branches from the left and right grow into and become the snake.  There is a river under the duck snake that is also branching off into different directions.   It is kind of a landscape, but then again, something very different.  I call it Branching Landscape because it is branching in more ways than one!  The sky is blue with pink clouds to look like a sunset.  I drew it in pencil and then used pen and ink.  Then I used watercolor to add color.  I thought my idea would look cool and it does.  I thought it would be fun to try and it was.  For a while I thought I would never get it done.  Then it was almost done and I couldn't wait for it to get done because I was hoping it was good enough to go in the art display.  I did not think it would come out as good as it did.  It came out great!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

AAHS student wins American Visions Award

On Sunday, January 29, several AAHS students were recognized for their artistic accomplishment at the Scholastic Art Award Ceremony at the Clemens Center in Elmira, NY.  For most of the awards given, student had prior notice, but our one "Oscar moment" is the announcement of the American Visions awards.  Of the 120 artworks recognized, jurors choose 5 Best in Show nominees.  Athens student Erica Hutchison was one of these students.  Her painting The Eye of a Mother will go on to be judged at the national level in two categories Painting and American Visions.  It will compete against the nominees from 100 state affiliates across the country.  Congratulations, Erica!
Erica with her prize-winning artwork.  She received a Gold Key in Painting and the American Visions award (Best in Show).

The Eye of a Mother (acrylic)

Artist of the Week -- Jessi Bellows

I created a comic called Emotion Devotion. I started it by making a rough draft of the pages and then redrawing them on big pieces of paper. I refined the sketches and then inked them. They they were scanned into a computer and I colored them in Photoshop.  The main idea of the comic is that A.I.S., an old robot soldier is brought back to life after being found in a junkyard by Selena, the owner of the junkyard. While A.I.S. was basically dead, a "virus" was released that gave robots emotions. This story is about A.I.S. learning about emotions and what all went down while he was dead, plus how he wound up in the junkyard in the first place. My goal was to learn more about perspective and backgrounds while working on the comic. As I continued creating pages, I got better and better. I still have a lot to learn though, and will continue to learn as I work on this comic.

Emotion Devotion (cover)

Emotion Devotion (excerpt)
My mom and I made a plushie of one of the main characters in my comic I worked on the big one but not the little one. We accidentally made the 1st one too big though. They're not perfect but they're still pretty cool.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Suzanna Searles

A Day in the Life (acrylic)
Honorable Mention Painting
Scholastic Art Awards

Artist Statement By Suzanna Searles
The first piece of art that I did was Figment, a charcoal drawing of a still life including a clay sculpture, a roll of tape, a piggy bank, and an eraser next to a blending stump. This sort of brought me out of my element because I prefer acrylic painting over charcoal pencil drawing because I prefer smoother things like painting. For me I like to take my time with my drawings and with this I just wanted to get it done and over with because I didn’t really favor it too much. This honestly took me a good amount of time to do because of the different shades and shadows and glares from the items in the drawing.
Figment (charcoal)
With my artwork I love painting so the majority of my pieces are acrylic. I like acrylic because I like to capture the details of the picture, but the things  I like to paint are scenery pictures and animals to capture their beauty and details. For instance, with my rabbit painting I tried to capture everything about the picture especially with the texture of the fur of the rabbit because of the detail I need for it to look realistic. Honestly I struggled a little bit because I couldn't seem to get it to look like the picture but I got closer to getting it. I started to use different techniques for it and I’m starting to get the hang of it because it’s not too difficult,  but I’m definitely going to use these techniques for other projects.
I’ve always loved to draw since I was younger like since I was 9. I’ve always loved sports, but then picked up a love for art and it’s great -- I love it! With my artwork it’s all from my photos and my photos only and I get my inspiration from photos of nature and animals because of how real it is. With my photos I take them from eye point of view because that’s the way I like to take my photos. With some of my photos I take them from a bird’s eye view because they look so neat and and fascinating and it captures the beauty of the picture. With my pictures of animals since I love animals I love to capture their beauty and uniqueness and it can be incredible what you capture.
Nature (acrylic)

My goals for my artwork was to finish at least 2-3 paintings before Christmas but I had to extend it by a month or so because it became a little more difficult with the colors and trying to get them exact. I at least want to get a couple pencil drawings in before the end of the year. Maybe I'll do the pen and ink project because I've been wanting to do it for a while now but haven’t found the time to do it. If I work on my paintings during my free time more I could possibly accomplish my goal.
Overall I think I'm doing really well on my paintings because I've gotten positive feedback from others on my paintings and I feel confident about them so I'm happy about it. I’ll keep up the good work I definitely know that so I'm excited to finish them most definitely because I like them and  I want to do more paintings like these ones that I'm doing right now.
With my art work I used my cellphone to take a picture of me and my friend with a soccer ball because we were practicing for a huge soccer tournament we had coming up so I saw that and it had me intrigued. My artwork looks like a representation of my life and what I mean by that is that it states that I try to live it up to the fullest. I used color, line, shape, and texture.
My artwork was made from my phone. I used my friend to help with the idea and I used paint and I did scumbling and splatter painting for the grass. I did a lot of processes like first I would start off painting certain layers at a time one by one.
I was wondering if there is anything for me to do else to it or if I need any improvement on my work with colors or techniques. My work expresses that I have a passion for soccer. I didn’t really try to express any emotion because I don’t really know how to in that picture.
My goals as an artist are to do at least 2 or 3 more paintings by the end of the year. This piece helped me reach my goals because I’ve already done at least 4 paintings this year and that made it one more closer to my goal.
I have learned that it takes a lot of patience to paint especially with all of the detail that my subjects had. The final piece came out better than what I imagined because I didn’t think that I would get the detail that I had gotten. This piece will influence me to keep painting anything that I am up, for no matter the challenge it gives me!