Friday, October 20, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Gabby Doty

For my pencil drawing I decided to draw my cat, Peanut. My project titled Peanut Butter was created with various gray-scaled pencils for shadowing and shading. The strong-point of my drawing was showing the shadows of the cat. The project was done on a large sheet of drawing paper with multiple pencils, a blending stump, and a kneaded eraser. I started off by drawing grid lines on my printed picture as well as my drawing paper and labeling each block downward and across. In each block I drew the main shapes I saw to help see the bigger picture. I decided to draw this picture simply because of the love I have for my cat. One of my goals for this project was to improve my drawing skills from previous years. My other goal was to prove to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to. I achieved each of these goals. I think my art piece turned out better than expected and I’m proud of my piece. I learned multiple skills from my project and hope to excel in further art projects.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Caitlin Stethers

I call my drawing The Fluffy Kitten. I made a grid to help draw. Then I drew parts of the outlines of the picture in each square of the grid. Kittens inspired me to draw this picture because they are small and they come in different colors, patterns, and sizes. I shaded from white to a dark gray to make it look realistic. That is called realism. I also used a shade blending stick to blend the shades together to help make it realistic.

My clay project  is called Family Love Home. The texture used is bricks on the roof and stones for the floor of the wonky house. One of the colors is brick red. There is different color glazes on the Family Love Home wonky house. I used a metal rib to make the slabs stronger. The texture pad is used to make the stones. I used a fettling knife to cut the  hearts, windows, and slabs out. I used slab construction to make the wonky house. I have balance of a ½ inch spacing between the hearts. I used proportion in the bricks and the hearts.I used the rolling pin to put the texture on the base. I scored the sides of the pieces I wanted to put together, then I put slip on that to glue it together. To help keep it together I used coils. 

My  family inspired me to make the Family Love Home. I tried to show how much love my family has for each other. My goals was to get better at making slabs. It helped me reach my goals. I am proud of the shape of the house and the colors I used. I feel I could improve on making the pieces.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Summer Eldredge

My pencil drawing is called A Glimpse Into the Real World. It is a picture of my sister that I took of her when she was not looking at her college graduation. It required a lot of shading, and contrast of black and white. I chose to draw that picture because I feel like it is a great picture of her, and that she would be very proud. This piece is probably my best, and I am glad because realism is something I have always wanted to become good at. I personally think the drawing looks very similar to the picture, and that you can definitely tell it is her. Now that I can draw realistically, I want to start painting realistically. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Senior Spotlight -- Dylan Evans

I decided to sketch a bird because of my fascination with animals. This bird particular looks very relaxed in nature,  making it very peaceful,  The title of this piece of artwork is called Majestic Bird. I used many different techniques in making this bird, some of which include different ways of shading, light sketching and using a grid to my advantage by placing papers over the squares. My goal with this art work came a lot better than expected. I didn't do nearly do as bad as I thought I was going to. Creating art work makes you look at things in a complete different way,  It was almost like the bird almost like the bird had its own story.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Matthew Thornton

The name of my art is Pap’s Car. I named it this because the car in the picture used to be my Papa’s car before it was my dad’s and that car means a lot to him and me. I made my art by using a blending technique and a value scale that allowed me to get it almost perfect. My artwork is important to me because my papa died when I was in 6th grade and he gave my dad that car when he died. My goals for this artwork was to make sure it looked like the real car and to make it as accurate as possible. My overall thoughts are that I got the car relatively good but it’s not my opinion that counts --  it’s my dad’s because it is his Christmas present. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Artist of the Week -- Ira Lattimer

 I drew this picture in memory of my best friend and dog, Simon. I still feel his absence.  I wanted to make something that I actually completed.  I did and I'm proud of that.

My clay project is a house.  It's a house that is both broken down and fixed. It represents my life -- before and after.  Back in the day, I was a really big jerk. This is symbolized by the broken side of the house. Now I'm happy I'm working on graduating from high school and achieving my dream job as an animal control officer.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Artist of the Week: Keagan Miller


I’m Keagan Miller.  I tend to express my inner thoughts and emotions through my artwork. I would say I’m a "shaman" as an artist, because as I make my art work, it slowly starts to show emotions and meaning as I go. I don't just start out with the idea, it comes to me as I work on my art work. My painting expresses my inner self. I love butterflies and the technique of spray paint. I did this painting to show my personality.  I'm a dull person but if you look closely,  you can see that I enjoy colors as well but I don't like them standing out as much. In this painting the butterflies stand out surrounded by spray paint .But if you take a close look,  you can notice that underneath the spray paint is random colors and designs.  Each design caught my eye .

My Artwork is a painting of my eye, that I had taken a picture of, I added colors from the eye dripping down, sort of like it’s melting. I created this art piece by painting whole canvas tan by mixing white and brown, to match my skin color, then I painted the shape of the eye with black , to make it look as though she’s wearing eye liner. Then I added a pupil that contained the colors of blue, green, white and brown.  The white part in the eye around the pupil was white mixed with a little light blue, to kind of make it look more realistic. Then I added eyelashes and went over them multiple times with a dark black to make it look as though she’s wearing mascara , Then I went and added wrinkles underneath the eyes, as if she was tired. By making the tan color a little darker by adding more brown. Then I  went and put water on my brush and tapped the colors in the eye a little, including the liner. Then I sat painting upright and as I did that the colors dripped down, making a melting effect.  Then I added a little color matching the color dripping and added a touch of water and tapped above each drip to darken it .

The point of my art work is to  express my personality and the way I see art. If you look at my art work you can see how I see things.  It’s sort of  like a diary but without words. Honestly my work means a lot to me , even though it’s not as good as others, but I can see myself learning new techniques, and I'm taking more time on my work and not really rushing to get my work done.  In this painting I'm showing a girl lost in her own thoughts which is slowly killing her.  She’s confused , and she feels as if she’s slowly fading.

My goals are far from being reached . It’s just the  beginning. I want to get better at my work and develop more techniques . I want to learn how to blend better and make my work more realistic and not cartoony.