Thursday, March 22, 2018

Wildcat Comic Creators

This year we have several AAHS students creating comics.  Below is a selection of single pages from each of the young cartoonists.
"Spazz Commander" by Lucas Aquilio (9th grade)

Gabriel vs. Axe by Selkie Bishop (12th grade)
/Emotion Devotion by Jessi Bellows (12th grade)
Peace by Rohnin Bishop (12th grade)
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Robots vs. Wizard by K.C. Baker (11th grade)
"Dangle" by Belle Rosh (9th grade)

Monday, March 19, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Alyssa Liddane


My name is Alyssa Liddane and I classify myself  as a colorist, a explorer, and a jester. The reason that I think the I am a colorist is because I like to layer colors which I did in my collage. I believe that I  am an explorer because I like to try new skills. Lastly, I think I am a Jester because I like to mess around with new ideas.
    Artist use elements and principles to make the picture or paint better. Some elements that I used in my collage are colors, lines, and texture. Some principles that I used were movement, emphasis, and balance.

An artist needs to know about the media to create a good piece of art. The 50% rule helped me create my artwork. That is because the rule helped me relive what colors I was supposed to use to give me the colors I wanted. I learned that the lighter the layers the easier it is to build the layers up and make them darker.
I feel that my art is either personal or relational. I feel this way because I like making projects for  my friends and family. But I also like to make art that makes me feel the same way when I look at it that I did when I was panting it. My art has been successful because I am proud with what I have completed.


    My most recent artwork is a colorful representation of moods in the form of foods. The piece shows the moods of happiness, sadness, anger, and contentment. The foods that were picked in each category represent that mood in some way. Now I am planning to do a series of acrylic paintings with this theme.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Donna Cardona

    As an artist, I categorize myself as a storyteller. When it comes to my artwork, I thoroughly enjoy having a meaning behind each design of my art. My art also conveys a specific emotion. I display my emotions and experiences within my art using different colors and techniques. When I am happy I generally use bright colors and my artwork is more loose. However when I am sad or angry, I may use dull colors and have harsher lines. Overall, I make sure my artwork has a meaning behind it. Although the message may not be clear, it is open for interpretation.

Practice Sessions:
    In order to create a masterpiece, there is lots of practice involved. Practice allows you to learn from your mistakes. Another benefit from practicing is that it allows you to figure out which medium you prefer. When I first started doing gesture drawings, I didn’t quite understand how to draw loosely. I am accustomed to drawing the little details rather than the big picture. As time went on, it started to become easier. I started doing gesture drawings in home, school, and sport settings. Gesture drawings are a way to capture an event for future reference. Once it is refined it can make a great masterpiece.

One of my first gesture drawings:
Gesture drawing from the other day:
Using light:
    Artists use shadowing and lighting to make artwork look more realistic. Rather than making a drawing that looks flat and dull, artists will use perception and depth to enhance the image. For the drawing of my grandma, I am using various shades to create depth. Making sure you blend the colors is also essential to making the piece look real. The past year I’ve been doing many pieces that include depth. Learning where and how to shadow will improve your artwork drastically. The painting below is of a character my friend made up for her story. I had to use shadowing in the neck area and in the hair. This painting isn’t the final product, but it made me realize the importance of light and shadowing.

    Artists use their knowledge of proportion to draw accurately by using a diagram. This diagram shows where each feature of the face should belong. Using a diagram is very helpful when it comes to proportions. If you do not have accurate proportions, your drawing probably won’t look too realistic. During this lesson, I used the diagram to help me place each feature. Surprisingly, this made my drawings much more proportional. It has become easier for me to draw the eyes in relation to the nose and mouth. Overall, I believe using the diagram is very beneficial when it comes to drawing general proportions.

Learning From Your Mistakes:

As I create more pieces of art, I find myself making new mistakes. While working on my first charcoal drawing, I had a tendency to press too hard on the charcoal which resulted in small scratches on my drawing. After making this mistake, I quickly learned not to press too hard to the charcoal. Another mistake I made, was blending in places that didn’t need to be blended. I would then try to go over the same spot and give it the texture that it needed. This was usually unsuccessful and made my art look dirty. Overall, I learned from my mistakes and will work my hardest to avoid doing them again.

Horseshoe Bay (charcoal)
The Honeymooner (charcoal)

Developing a Theme:

    When looking at my art, there is a clear theme emerging. My first piece is named,
“Horseshoe Bay.” This is a drawing of my grandmother while she was on her honeymoon in Bermuda. My second drawing is named, ”Honeymooner”. It is a charcoal drawing of my grandfather during the honeymoon. To me, it is very special to draw people close to me. I find myself working harder and being more patient with my art when it is relatable to me. In order to stick to my theme of  “family”, I am going to be drawing a photo of my brother, Carlos. We went outside over winter break to take the perfect photo. In order to add dimension to the photo, Carlos spent some time editing the photo. This will be my third charcoal piece this year and I couldn’t be more excited to continue working on it.

Progress on the drawing of my brother:

    In my opinion, art is the best way to share your emotions without directly saying them. People create art for multiple different reasons whether it is for money, personal satisfaction, or adornment. To me, art is crucial when it comes to dealing with my feelings or personal problems. Rather than bottling up your emotions and letting them bring you down, you can take those emotions and use them to your own advantage to create something beautiful. Because of this, I am obsessed with the idea of creating art to evoke a specific feeling. For my drawing “Horseshoe Bay”, I believe it creates a nostalgic feeling. Those who don’t know the lady in this drawing  may feel a sense of mystery, and become curious as to what she is doing in the bay. My second drawing named, “Honeymooner” evokes a feeling of calmness. In this drawing we see a calm man with a bright ring on his ringer. To me, this represents a new chapter in life. In the future, I plan on creating things around the same theme, but with different emotions being expressed.

Negative Space:
In order to grasp an object’s presence, it is very effective to draw only what you see around the object. Rather than focusing on the object itself, it is useful to get the shapes around the object in the correct position. I typically focus on the negative space when I am doing a rough sketch on my drawings. By focusing on the negative space, this will help you define the subject and balance the composition.
CXC (charcoal)

Work in progress

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Kira -Mae Isham

Last month I made a colored pencil drawing of my turtle, Raphael. I called it “Coming Out of My Shell”. I did the techniques of learning how to blend and using baby oil to soften some of the background object to make it more realistic. First, I traced the outline and got the bases down. Then, I started to do my turtles shell and mix colors to create the same appearance. A goal I set for myself was to be able to perform and show colored pencil techniques because colored pencil isn’t my strong suit. This drawing helped me practice and achieve this goal.

Another art piece I made was my chihuahua acrylic painting. This painting was called “In Remembrance”. This painting was for my family to always have a little remembrance of our dog with us. This painting wasn’t normal dog colors. I did it in a multicolored, mainly blues and purples. I painted this on a blank canvas. This expresses a personal issue of mine. We had a dog pass away a few years ago and he was my first animal named Shyver. I reached my goal because I learned how mixing colors can take time, but I set a time to get it done with. I got it done in two weeks when I planned to get it done in a month. It turned out exactly how I pictured it.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Emalie Mustard

I think as an artist I’d be in the category called Storyteller. I’m in this category because I make a story for every character/artwork I make. I also chose this for myself because I can barely make an artwork without thinking of the story behind it.

My Inquiry Project is drawing and painting creatures that don’t exist . I want to improve at drawing creatures that don’t exist. My essential question is “How Do Artists Draw What Doesn’t Exist?” The most useful resource I have found so far is a book by James Gurney called Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist. An important term I have discovered is maquettes, sculptures of things an artist wants to draw. How that relates to my project is that I can make maquettes of some of the creatures I want to draw so I can draw them at different angles.

The second inquiry project I did was a multimedia drawing of Three Warriors. In the drawing it showed three warriors running into battle under a two moon sky. In this drawing I wanted to learn how to draw more interesting poses and how to pose characters around each other. I used different movie posters and manga book covers as reference to draw this. In the drawing you can see the three warriors, one is an elf, one is a regular guy, and the third is a samurai dude. All three of the characters are my original characters that I’ve created.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Adin Lattimer

At the beginning of the school year, I wanted to be in Art Class, and I am in Art Class.
First, I made a pen and ink picture of a lion roaring. Next, I made a big picture with my friend Steph. She was drawing a unicorn, while I was drawing Goku from Dragon Ball Z, as a Super Saiyan God 2. Then, we wrote down a lot of words with their definitions. Finally, I made an online dinosaur picture on Photogramio.

Next I learned a lot about water color paintings. I made a lion in his natural habitat, the African Savanna. First, found the picture in the internet. Next, I drew the picture in water color paper. Then, I colored it in with watercolor paint. Finally, I added a lot of extra details to it.
I also learned that there’s a 50% rule on watercolor painting. Each layer of paint should only cover half of the layer under it. You use a regular water brush to add color to it. Plus, you use a fan brush to add a couple of details to the grass and fur.
My Inquiry Project is drawing MANGA characters. I want to improve at my Goku drawing skills. My essential question is “How to make it look like the real thing?”. I learned about drawing basic shapes first, then adding the details. I’m going to try a 3¼ view next.
I am now drawing Dragon Ball Z pictures of Goku and his friends. I even made a step by step storyline about Goku as a super saiyan blue fighting my #1 created character, Mega-Ninja, the god of the elements and they were both in the desert.
First, I had both of them facing each other. Next, they were explaining how they would win their fight. Then, they were trading attacks back and forth. Finally, Mega-Ninja was using his Dragon Blast and Goku was using his Kamehameha, then they stopped using their techniques against each other because they were both exhausted, and Goku turned back to normal. After the fight, Goku suggested that he should have another fight with the all powerful god of the elements next time.
Before Winter Break, my art teacher Dr.Wales took all of my DBZ pictures and turned them into 2 separate books. Plus, he even gave me a Dragon Ball Super comic book to keep. That is everything I did when I was in Art Class. It was pretty amazing.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Artist of the Week -- Isaiah Chadwick

In this piece my biggest objective was forming a meaning without saying it through words. The two individuals are a couple. The butterfly resembles hope, hope between the two of them. The rest of the piece just happened without me “planning” it. The colors were in a range fro green around to red. Which are the colors this couple admired most. I used reference pictures of butterflies and focused on the unique patterns and shapes that exists in the butterflies wings. That being said the uniqueness is suppose to be related to how “unique” it is to find someone that you love.

 I’m an Explorer, Conjurer, and Drafts Person. I like to try new things. I like to change an image or piece of work and make it better. I’m also an eye to eye to the world. During this piece of work I was an Explorer. I created a collage with a bunch of different songs from a bunch of medieval song writers. I also modernized it with some rappers I listen to now. I chose the category Explorer because I’ve never made a collage so trying something new is always the best idea for an artist. Finding your specialty at anything is the best, and having new skills to try and apply will show your specialty.

I used placement with the different composers. Then I’m going to use color to modernize it with some of the medieval music composers. The modern artists that i used are rappers that can show a style much cooler and more popish.

          This piece of art is based on what I like to do. I’ve created a type of riding that people don’t dare to try when I ask. This watercolor painting is a new style that I used to express a story. The story is how a boy climbed every hill and conquered it all the way down to the bottom and didn’t again and again. This watercolor painting is a new style that I have found in art. My goal is to find a new style each year and to at least try is to become a pro in it. I want to find my hotspot in art. I will admit that my watercolor techniques need improvement. Back to the painting, it was suppose to be about me, the Scooter-Boy. I used line to point out where everything ties in. the top view shows the top of the hill. The person, me, walking up the road is way showing me conquering the hill. The scooter shows my hobby in what I like to do. One last thing, yet not that detailed is the appearance I show. I dress like a city boy and act like one too, but I have a little bit of country in me too. The country resembles my country side and my clothes and scooter resemble my city side.       

My Inquiry Project is a series of different drawings with a picture within a picture. I want to improve at describing who I am through artwork. My essential question is, how can I take an image and place it into another image? The most useful resource I found so far are videos and pictures. Some videos included taking pictures and placing another image inside. Some pictures I found on Google from VANS. An important term I have discovered is vanishing point, which means parallel lines viewed in perspective graph. How that relates to my project is on the ceiling of my Volcom the lines will eventually end up together, yet it goes into a different direction. Below is a photograph of my work of art in progress.

In this series of pieces of me doing tricks on my scooter I used a medium of colored pencils. Drawing is my strongest area, yet I’m trying new mediums to see if I succeed in any way. And with the process of Inquiry helped me learn how to take a main image and put another inside it. For example I put an image of me doing a trick into the Vans, Volvo, and Lucky logos. The theme of the series I have doing in this would be about me. One I like to ride scooters. Two I have favorite companies and brands.

This piece resembles a 2017 H2R Kawasaki motorcycle. I used acrylic and felt a good feeling using it. I'm still going to explore to see if there is a stronger area. The question that I asked myself is, what would my stepdad like? This was for him. Now I chose this type of picture for the shading and light vs. dark concept. Using the color wheel as well was used inside with a little tint of blues. I learned that what you see isn’t always what you think should be there. I saw a white and I thought white, but I used a blue to helped contrast the white and black.